5 Home Staging Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is coming up, and you may think that showing your home for sale to potential buyers is a real buzz-kill when it comes to romance. It’s true, selling your home is not the most romantic activity, especially when you consider all the stress involved with hosting an open house. With a little creativity, though, you can use the opportunity of Valentine’s day to stage your home in a way that will appeal to couples looking to buy. Here’s how:

1. Set the mood with lighting

Home staging is about making your home look inviting without being too personal. The trick with mood lighting for Valentine’s day is to hint at intimacy without making potential buyers feel awkward. You don’t want them to feel like they’re disturbing you!

While you want to make sure the lights are all on and the home looks bright, you can add mood lighting by  placing candles in clusters on low tables, mantle pieces or sideboards. Light a fire in the hearth and keep it burning low to make your home feel cozy, inviting and romantic.

2. Accessorize with romantic touchesRomantic_Valentines_Day_Home_Staging

Add a touch of romance to your home staging decor with some well-placed accessories.

A splash of color with a red throw-pillow or a warm, inviting blanket draped over a couch can add just a hint of intimacy without making visitors feel uncomfortable.

If you’re showing your home on Valentine’s day, have a box of chocolates ready to offer to visitors. If you think selling your home on Valentine’s day isn’t the most romantic thing, imagine how potential buyers feel! House hunting is stressful, so sweeten things up with a little chocolate and help visitors enjoy the process.

3. Home stage the dinner table for a Valentine’s day meal

In well-staged homes, you often see the table set as if for a meal. Make potential buyers wish they could spend a romantic Valentine’s day in this house by setting up for a tête-à-tête meal.

Set out two place mats with all the elements: silverware, glassware, and your nicest china. Fold the napkins nicely and don’t forget to place a flower in a vase and a romantic candle on the table between the settings.

Pro tip: Don’t welcome your visitors as a couple, or they’ll think they’re interrupting your Valentine’s plans! Designate one person to be the open house manager for today.

Romantic_Valentines_Day_Home_Staging-24. Home stage with scents

Who doesn’t love walking into a home that smells like freshly baked brownies? Put something in the oven before your scheduled visit or open house and have it ready to serve when visitors arrive.

You’re not hosting a cocktail party, so don’t feel you have to offer them around. Just set a plate of cookies or brownies on the counter or the kitchen island with a card that says, “Please help yourself.” The smell and the taste will stick with visitors and they’ll remember your home as the place that smelled amazing.

5. Nothing says romance like a clean house.

This tip applies for any home staging occasion: Clean up, clear out, declutter and depersonalize. While you may think that photos from your wedding are wonderfully romantic for your Valentine’s day plans, potential buyers want to picture themselves in your home. Put away family photos, make the place spotless and declutter as much as possible.

Flat surfaces should be free of knickknacks and your home should feel open and roomy.

Sure, you can think of more romantic ways to spend your Valentine’s day than showing your house for sale to potential buyers. But with just a little imagination, you can really sell your home as a warm, happy place for a couple to live.


  1. Kirsten Palliotto says:

    I love the part about using scents! Scents are one of the first things I notice walking into any building!!!

  2. Kirsten Palliotto says:

    I love the part about scents! Everyone is always so focused on having everything else in the right place but just the smell of a home alone can either bring the buyers in or push them out so to speak. I know a that personally, the way a home smells is one of the first things I notice!!

  3. Candice Cole says:

    Great article. As a stager in the GTA and Barrie areas, I always make sure to drive attention to the focal points in each room; like a fireplace, or great view out the window. Great tips here!
    Candice Cole

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