Ontario Couple Sells & Saves $15,000 in Commission!

Every month we’ll feature a Success Story from one of our clients. This month we spoke to Christopher and Christine from Alliston, Ontario.

Who says winter isn’t the best time to sell your home? Christopher and Christine would have to disagree!

Sell your home and save thousands

Christopher proudly puts up his “SOLD” sticker!

Christopher and Christine advertised their house for sale on ComFree.com on November 27th last year. They wanted to relocate to another school district and find a quieter street with more outdoor space where they could accommodate their growing family (Christine is expecting baby #2!).

By January 22nd, they were proudly putting their “SOLD” sticker on their ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage lawn sign. When we got in touch with Christopher and Christine, they had a lot to say about selling the ComFree® way.

ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage: Why did you choose to sell your property with us?

It was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up, and one that we certainly don’t regret. We just thought that although our agent who failed to sell our home last fall had said that we could never do it […], we wanted to try.

It was the support structure [that ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage offers] as well as the cost savings that made us decide to try it.

How was this experience different from selling your first home?

First of all, we felt like we were in control of the process. We could book our own appointments as well as show the house on our terms including knowing who is coming through and what the potential buyers were being told. Secondly, and obviously paramount, is the financial aspect. We were not faced with a $15,000-$20,000 outlay for commission.

Which tools did you find most valuable?

We liked the dashboard on the website. It allowed us to create brochures as well as modify our listing as necessary.

The initial visit by Ruth [a licensed sales representative] gave us a great deal of assurance. She walked us through the entire program as well as taking amazing pictures for our listing.

We used the offer assist service [now known as offerAssist] to prepare the paperwork and deal with some of the legalities of the offer and communicating with the buyers.

How did you determine a price for your home?

We knew what we wanted to get, obviously. Ruth did a market evaluation and came back with a price. We sold the house right in the price bracket she provided.

What do you think were the key selling points of your home?

Our kitchen and landscaping definitely generated the most interest. The couple that bought it said they based their decision almost entirely off of the kitchen.

If a friend asked you about our service, how would you describe it?

I would describe it as easy and effective. I would definitely encourage anyone thinking of selling their home to consider trying this. Why not? You only have 20,000 dollars to lose!

What will you do with the money you saved?

We will be finishing the basement at our new place.


Christopher and Christine say they would definitely sell the ComFree® way again. They liked that they were in control of the process, and couldn’t think of anything they didn’t like about it! They saved $15,000 on their transaction.

Christopher had one parting comment that is important for any homeowner to know:

“The common misconception is that this is something that can’t be done on your own. After doing this we can conclude that it boils down to the correct price and the inventory that is available. If you price your home correctly and present it properly, it will sell itself!

A special thanks to all the members of the team who helped with Christopher and Christine’s sale:

Customer Service: Aneta O’Neil, Lienne Loura, Andrea Lelasi, Cetina Farruggia, Rose Morton, Candace DiCarlo, Phrankie Willson, Ruth James, Les Baldwin, Stefanie Tousignant
Sales: Louise Hastings, Ruth White,
offerAssist Specialist: Giana Santelli

You can do it too! Register today for a free info session near you and learn how you, like Christopher and Christine, can save thousands of dollars in commission.

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