Meet the Carlton Family: A Success Story

You don’t have to be a super hero to sell your home the ComFree® way! The Carlton family found that out last fall when they sold their home and saved over $9,000 in commission.*

how-to-sell-your-homeMarie-Claude and Anthony Carlton wanted to upgrade to a bigger house with more outdoor space, so they advertised their home for sale on They sold in 34 days!

We sat down with Marie-Claude, mum of Ayden, 61/2 and Abeny, 4, to learn more about their story. Unfortunately Anthony was not able to make it to our meeting.

ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage: Why did you choose to sell your property with us?

This was our second time selling on When we wanted to sell our first property we thought about all the money and time we put into it, thought it made sense to sell with you and it worked the first time. So the second time around we went with you guys again!

How was your experience with open houses? Did you feel comfortable hosting an open house?

We had, I believe three open houses. It was good; I liked the fact that I could set a time and be ready for it. The feedback was good; people really liked the booklets that you offered. We were very comfortable; we would let people through and stay outside so we wouldn’t be in the way […] No stress there!

Did you find it hard to work around your schedule for showings?

No, I would set my own time. We would pick certain days that were better for us because kids have hockey and swimming, so we would make our own schedule. It’s more time-consuming to keep the house clean at all times!

How was your experience working with other agents?

It was good. Obviously some of them do try to solicit your listing, but I knew what I wanted so I made sure to stick to what I was going for and offered my own deal. If they were not willing to take it then I’d say: “That’s fine, but thank you.”

Do you have any suggestions for improvements for us?

Not really! I really liked the service; everybody’s friendly, and the website was great. The representative [licensed sales representative] took really professional-looking pictures, which made a difference, and took the time to explain the whole process and address any questions.

How is life in your new home?

We love it! There is a lot more room, it’s bright, and the backyard is great. With all the money we saved we had enough money to make this house a dream home! It’s perfect.

super-hero-home-sellersAnd how did you come up with the Success Club photo idea?

Because you don’t need to be a super hero to sell with ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage! It’s easy! Anybody can do it, kids can do it, and it’s very easy!

How much did you save in commission? And what did you do with the amount you saved?

We saved $9,323 that we used as our down payment on the new house and to help with the renos.

Thank you so much for your time Marie-Claude!


Marie-Claude says they will definitely sell the ComFree® way again and recommend it to everyone. Their buyers were from Montreal, and they never actually came to see the home but went by the photos on!

You can sell your home too!

Click here to sign up for a free info session near you to learn how you, like the Carlton family, can save thousands in commission when you sell your home the ComFree® way.
*When compared to an average commission of 5% plus tax on the sale price, rounded down to the nearest thousand. May not include retribution paid to the buyer’s agent, if any.

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