Prime Minister Visits Ottawa Open House

Imagine Lori-Ann and George’s* surprise when none other than Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, and his wife Laureen showed up at their open house event in Ottawa this past Sunday.


The couple, who asked that we not reveal their last name out of privacy concerns, had decided to host an open house in the hopes of sparking interest in their downtown 3-bedroom home.

“Our sales coach at ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage said that hosting an open house would be a great way to get visibility for our sale,” says Lori-Ann. “We figured since the spring market is starting to heat up, the last weekend in March would be a good time to do it.”

“Yeah,” adds George, “But we did not expect the kind of visitors we got!”

Preparing for an Open House

Lori-Ann and George scheduled the open house to start at 1pm on Sunday. Earlier in the week they put up Open House signs around the neighborhood (in accordance with local regulations, of course!) and publicized their open house on and

“We were expecting to get a great deal of interest in the house,” remembers George. “It’s in a great location, close to amenities and it’s in great shape.”

An Unexpected Visitor

But they were NOT expecting two large, dark vehicles with tinted windows to pull up in front of the house promptly at 1pm.

George and Lori-Ann watched, jaws dropped, as sunglass-wearing, darkly clad security agents got out of one of the cars and came up the walk.

“They were very polite,” says Lori-Ann. “They asked our permission to clear the premises (thankfully no other visitors had arrived yet!) and they posted guards on the front and back doors.”

Then, one bodyguard opened the door of the second car, and Lori-Ann practically fainted when out stepped Prime Minister Harper, followed by Mrs. Harper.

“They came up the walk,” says George, “and asked if they could have a tour of the house. You could have knocked me over with a feather!”

Experienced Home Buyers

Mr. and Mrs. Harper asked all the sensible questions that any experienced home buyer would. They wanted to know how recently the boiler had been replaced and the state of the roof. They asked about municipal tax rates and gushed over the living room bay windows.

“They were especially taken with the master bedroom ensuite and the kitchen, which we had remodeled last year,” says Lori-Ann. “I was pleased as punch, because we were pretty proud of those!”

After spending about 15 minutes in the home and asking a few more questions about the neighborhood, Mr. and Mrs. Harper thanked Lori-Ann and George, picked up a feature sheet of the home (Mrs. Harper exclaimed, “What a fabulous idea! We’ve seen so many homes and this will help remember yours!”), and made their way back to their vehicle with their security detail.

An Embarrassing Detail

As they pulled away, Lori-Ann let out a little scream and turned to her husband saying, “George! I’m so mortified! Do you think he knows I voted liberal in the last election?!”

Despite that minor setback, George and Lori-Ann fully expect to receive an offer from the Prime Minister’s office.


If you’re planning to sell a home in the Ottawa area that you think the Prime Minister and Mrs. Harper would like, sign up today for a free info session in Ottawa to learn how you can save a bundle in commission when you sell.

*These names are made up. Why? Because this is an APRIL FOOL’S JOKE! Happy April Fools Day!

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