Retired Couple Sells their Home the ComFree® Way

Retired couple sells home the ComFree® way and saves

Selling your home the ComFree® way and saving thousands in commission is easy

Meet Bob and Jean Adamson. They wanted to downsize and move closer to their three children and four grandchildren. After noticing a ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage (CCNb) lawn sign in their Ontario neighborhood, they decided to give it a try; and they couldn’t be happier!

The retired and might I add hilarious couple discovered that our customer care is second to none this last February when they sold their family home and saved over $4,000.

In the small town of Rodney, Ontario, we sat down with Bob and Jean to hear more about their story.

Why did you decide to sell your property?

Bob: It became just too big for us. The yard, the pool, the basement, the stairs…
Jean: Too much work.

Why did you choose to sell your property with ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage?
Bob: Because somebody up the street told us.
Jean: We saw [that the] people in the bed and breakfast up the road had your sign out, so we looked into it on the internet and decided to give it a try.

What was the feedback from friends and family when you told them you were going with us?
Bob: Puzzlement at first, because they never really heard about it. But when they came and we showed them the Seller’s Guide, the backup and everything else, they were just amazed.

How much did you save in commission?
Bob: Oh at least $4,000.

Retired couple sells home and saves commission with ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage

Retired couple sells home and saves commission with ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage

What did you do with the amount you saved?
Bob: Oh you better ask Jean that, she looks after the money!
Jean: I’m going to need new drapes and new things for the apartment…
Bob: She’s going to squander it on furniture and drapes and food…
Jean: Maybe we’ll go to Niagara Falls and have a good weekend!

Which of our tools did you find most valuable?
Bob: The readily available advice, encouragement, back up on the phone at all times. Just the general support and encouragement. And really good humor!
Jean: If we got stuck with the computer, you all helped us.

How many private showings did you host?
Bob: Ah, not that many.

What kind of support did you seek from our team?
Bob: A lot of help. We would talk to customer service a lot, and what they couldn’t answer they would put us through to someone else. I have to say, you held our hands and led us through the maze at all stages of this entire thing. We are very VERY happy with that.

Do you remember interacting with anyone in particular?
Bob and Jean: Ruth, Gianna, Anthony

How did you determine the price for your home?
Bob: Well, this is where we were so happy with you guys. Because, you researched the area very thoroughly and gave us a range, we took the middle of the range, and we got absolutely nothing whatsoever. So we dropped it down and got a couple bites and snips, but nothing. And then we dropped it one more time. On your advice, you always said “you’re in charge; it is up to you what you do.” So we took your advice! So we dropped it that third time. Got people looking! Lady pulled into the driveway and must have said to her husband “I want this house!”
Jean: The next day we got the offer.
Bob: And that’s because of you guys.

Did you negotiate yourself or did we take care of it?
Jean: No
Bob: We went through Gianna with offerAssist for that.

What do you think were the key selling points of you home?
Bob: The area, it’s the nicest area of a nice little town.
Jean: The buyer said she doesn’t like houses where everything, your kitchen your living room and dining room, is all one great big room. She liked this house because the family can go in the one room and watch TV, and she can go in the other room and read a book.
Bob: The pool was a biggie.

If a friend asked you about our service, how would you describe it? Would you recommend us?
Bob: Go for it right now! Don’t hesitate!

What did you like most and least about the process?
Bob: There’s nothing I liked the least about it. Most I think I’ve covered that already. What impressed us was the literature, it was amazing. Amazing!

If you were to do it again tomorrow, what would you change?
Bob: I don’t know, I don’t think I would change anything.

Thank you so much for your time Bob and Jean!

With downsizing and moving into an apartment community, this will probably be their last time selling a home of their own. But, they are strongly recommending the ComFree® way to their friends and family!

Thinking about selling your home? Find out more about ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage.

A big shout out goes to everyone involved in the sale:

Licensed Sales Representative: Anthony Gallo
Customer Service Representatives: Aneta O’neill, Cetina Farruggia, Andrea Ielasi, Rose Morton, Laura Llewellyn
Sales Dispatcher: Louise Hastings
Licensed Broker, offerAssist: Gianna Santelli
Deal Secretary: Phrankie Wilson
Listing Administrators: Norma Patenaude, Lienne Loura, Ruth James, Chantal Devine
Licensed Brokers: Angelo Centurami, Matthew Ciraco

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  1. sue and Ron gabrielli says:

    We just sold our house in London,ont. It took a month from the time we met with comfree until we signed off on the conditions. We saved over $12,000. We didn’t have a lot of people come through our open house’s but the ones that did call were very interested. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks ComFree!

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