Will Selling My Home be Easy?

Will selling my home be easy?

Selling your home could be easy if you do it right.

Let’s face it: ideally when we list our home for sale, we imagine the calls pouring in, and tons of offers and a smooth sale, right? So ask yourself: will selling my home be easy? It could be if you consider the following:

Did I price it well?

Let’s start from the top. If your home has an astronomical price tag that is abnormal for the size and neighborhood, there’s a good chance that you won’t be getting any home buyers to your home. People won’t bother visiting a home that is priced well above their means. This, by all accounts and purposes will make selling your home easy.

Ensure that you have priced your home right by having a Comparative Market Analysis completed and ensure that you stay within the amount suggested. In the same vein, you don’t want to price your home too low and short change yourself, either.

According to Randall Weese, Broker of Record at ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage, highlighting key elements of your home can help justify your asking price. “Emphasize the things that make your home stand out, like bamboo flooring or a built-in vacuum in the kitchen, for example, in order to justify why you settled on the home sale price that you did.”

Will I be around to show my home?

If people are calling and you’re not answering, guess what will happen? They will move onto another home where the owner is willing and able to take their call and set up an appointment.

If you answer your phone but are always too busy to coordinate the appointments with buyers, guess what? They will give up and move onto another home for sale.

Think about this way: if you want selling your home to be easy: a home sale is incredibly important and when you decide to list your home for sale that means that you need to be around when buyers want to see it. Now buyers are not unreasonable; they work during the day as well and want to get home to have supper with their families, too.

They will likely try to set something up for the weekend and it’s not too much to ask for you to be there for a couple of hours to show someone one of the biggest assets you’ve likely ever sold and they will ever buy.

Give them the tour, talk about the home improvements you’ve made and make your home likeable.

Does my home show well?

When you show your home, is it at its best? No matter what route you take to sell your home, you are responsible for the way your home is presented, so it’s important that it comes off as a move-in ready kind of home.

Removing all the clutter, clearing the counters, cleaning the entire home and lightening the load of furniture all work wonders toward selling your home.

As well, neutral paint colors in the home also help buyers envision their furniture and lifestyle in the home without the nagging feeling that they will have to put on new coats of paint. Most homebuyers aren’t thrilled about the idea of having to move into a new home and do tons of work, so if your home gives off a move-in ready vibe, more buyers will be interested.

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