Ontario home seller talks about selling the ComFree® way

Ontario home sellers sells the ComFree® way in two weeks!

Ontario home sellers sells the ComFree® way

With confidence and support from the ComFree Commonsense Network team, Aurora, Ontario, home seller Kevin Allen had no issue selling his home the ComFree® way and saving thousands in commission.  With his plan on merging two families, he wanted to sell his home fast, and he did just that – his home sold in only a couple of weeks!

We contacted Kevin to find out more about his home selling experience with ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage.

Why did you choose to sell your property with ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage?

To be honest, I couldn’t justify paying a traditional real estate agent  $40,000 to sell my house when I knew full well I would be the one cleaning it, preparing it, getting it ready for showings and doing most of the work.

How much did you save in commission?  What will you do with the amount you saved?

I saved about $42,000 and I plan on buying a big green egg BBQ to start!

Which of the tools made available did you find most valuable?

Of the many tools available, being able to print out feature sheets that quickly was very valuable.

Did you feel comfortable hosting an open house?

I held one open house and I felt very comfortable doing it.

What kind of support did you seek from our team?

Initially, there were some glitches with advertising my listing on REALTOR.ca and just some minor fix ups like that.  Your team was very quick to respond, so that was good.  The sales representative Adam [Crognale] came out to the house and he took some fantastic pictures!

How did you determine the sale price for your home?

I talked to one of my neighbours; they have a similar house.  But my house is very unique because of a big renovation that was done, so it was hard to judge.  Adam did a CMA and gave me a range.  I knew I didn’t want to get anything less than a certain amount, so I might as well put it at the top and have the wiggle room.

What do you think were the key selling points of your home?

We have a pool and a great backyard.  I have a giant walk-in closet with a washer/dryer in it on the upper floor and a very big master en suite.

If a friend asked you about our services, would you recommend us?

I would definitely recommend ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage.  Your price point is fantastic!  I think I would describe you as providing everything a home seller really needs to sell your house.

Would you use our services again if it came time to sell another home?

Oh I would absolutely use your services again! What I like the most about ComFree Commonsense Network was when Adam came to take the pictures  – they came out fantastic, and he had everything with him and ready to go.  It just seemed painless.  One of the comforting factors of your service is your analytics.  Your analytics on your site are very comforting to someone taking a chance at selling it themselves, so I could always tell how many visits I had to my listing and all that kind of stuff.


After buying a beautiful home in Barrie, Kevin hopes he won’t be selling a home again anytime soon.  In the meantime, he will definitely be recommending ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage and helping his friends and family save thousands in commission!

ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage employees involved with sale:

Licensed sales rep: Adam Crognale
Customer Service: Chantal Devine, Aneta O’Neill, Cetina Farruggia, Biance Ettridge, Candace DiCarlo, Rose Morton, Lienne Loura
Sales: Louise Hastings

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