5 Easy Summer Renovations

5 easy summer renovations

5 easy summer renovations

Ah summer! It is the best season by far if you ask me, and these easy summer renovations make remodeling your home a little less painful. So if you plan on renovating your home this year, summer is your best bet and here are the best things to take care of this year.

1- Driveway

Everyone knows that the outside of your home is the first impression that everyone gets and a cracked, outdated driveway does not bode well for a home sale.

If your driveway currently has weeds all over the place, you may need to consider repaving it. What makes this an easy summer renovation is the fact that workers are more keener on working throughout the summer months and paving a driveway during colder temperatures may end up making the driveway less smooth.

2- Kitchen and bathroom

There’s really never a good time to renovate the two rooms we all spend a whole lot of time in, but if you are going to have to do it, there no better time than the summer.

The great thing about this easy summer renovation is that this may be an opportune time to create an “outdoor” kitchen. That is, deck out the backyard and spend most of your time cooking out there and eat off paper plates.

If that isn’t an option, perhaps you can alternate cooking with a neighbor. All these things are much easier to do in the summer. As for the bathroom, let’s work under the assumption that you have more than one in your home…

3- Roof

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! Okay, maybe not, perhaps it just needs a little TLC. While this is not an easy summer renovation, per se, it is easier to complete in the summer than it ever would be in the winter.

Now is the time to get up there, see what the years of winter and high winds have done to your roof and get a professional roofer to get his fix on.


4- Landscaping

Personally, I think grass is way overrated. It really does nothing for you and you have to tend to that stuff like a permanent newborn. I suggest reworking your landscape to plant a garden that reaps tons of fruits and veggies that are suitable for our climate and place pavers wherever you can’t garden.

This is not only an easy summer renovation, but it’s quite therapeutic if you ask anyone with a green thumb. Just remember: you need to get your gardening in springtime.

5- Deck

If you already have a great deck, well, great! What I do recommend, though, is repainting it to give a bit of renewed life.

If your deck is a miserable eyesore, then you might want to knock that baby down and start anew. Invite some of your friends over to help and get a six-pack (any more than that and you may end up with a major code violation).

 Easy summer renovations abound!

Summertime is a time to be enjoyed and while these easy summer renovations may slice some time away from your off-time, they will fill the rest of your summer with relaxed good times and a great roof over your head (see what I did there?).

If you plan on selling your home after the renovations, visit ComFree.com and see how we can help.

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