Sell Your Home Quickly Like The McDonald Family

Sell your home quickly like this Ontario family

When finding their dream home unexpectedly, Jeff and Susan McDonald needed to sell their home quickly.  Although they had sold a home privately before, they decided to give the ComFree® way a try.

After contacting ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage, they successfully sold their home only a week and a half later.  And after saving $29,000, they are very thankful they made that call.

In a quiet residential area in Burlington, we sat down with Jeff and Susan, along with their two children Jaiden, 10, and Tobias, 8, to hear their story. You may want to check it out if you also want to sell your home quickly.

Why did you decide to sell your property?

We decided to sell our property because we found a property we really liked.  So we had to sell quickly.

Why did you choose to sell your property with ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage?

Several reasons: we sold privately nine years ago and, honestly, we saw a lot of lawn signs so we decided to go with ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage.

What was the feedback from friends and family when you told them you were using our services?

I think for the most part it was really good. People are seeing the lawn signs more and more now so most people said, “Hey that’s a great idea!  If you can save the money, then why not?”

How much did you save in commission?  What did you do with the amount you saved?

We saved about $29,000. We haven’t done anything yet, so I guess part of it is going towards hardwood floors in our new house and the rest will go in the bank!

Learn how you can sell your home quickly

Sell your home quickly with ComFree Comonsense Network brokerage like the McDonald Family

Which of the tools made available by our team did you find most valuable?

I think I read through most of the things online about getting your house ready, open house suggestions, dealing with [traditional] agents, and dealing with multiple offers, which was also helpful.

Did you host an open house?

We did, we hosted two open houses.

How was your experience with open houses?  Did you feel comfortable hosting an open house?

They were great!  We’ve always sold with open houses.  We thoroughly believe in open houses. And yes, I love it!

How many private showings did you host?

We showed the house three times before our open house.

How was your experience working with buyers’ agents?

It was good.

What kind of support did you seek from our team?

Your team was awesome, they were very good.

How did you determine a price for your home?

We’ve only been here for four and a half years and we knew what we put into it.  We knew what our neighbor sold for and we knew how ours compared so we had a good idea.  We did it on our own. Justin [Park] had confirmed with a CMA [Comparative Market Analysis], and it’s a range so we had a good idea.

How was your experience with negotiating?  Was emotion involved?

It was a lot of fun!  I would do it again!  You know the next day we were like, “Aw, it’s all over.”

What do you think were the key points of selling your home quickly?

I think having it as clean and as staged as we had it.  Every single person that came in said this place was beautiful and were trying to compare it to other houses in the area and ours showed really well.

If a friend asked you about us, how would you describe our team?

I would say the customer support is fantastic.  Everything is in place for you and all the tools are there.  There’s no reason why someone can’t sell their house.

Would you use our services again, the next time you sell your home?


What did you like the least about the process?

The least was definitely the stress of getting your house ready, which you have to do anyways no matter how you decide to sell your home.

The McDonald family can now focus on moving into their new home after selling their home quickly and saving thousands in the process!

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ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage employees involved with sale:

Licensed sales rep: Justin Park
Customer Service: Chantal Devine, Laura Llewellyn, Aneta O’Neill, Julie DiFilippo, Cetina Farruggia,            Lienne Loura, Candace DiCarlo, Samantha Schuur

Sales: Lyn Schrader, Sheila Mellor, Katrina Sewell

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