What 6-Year-Olds Taught Me About Selling My Home

When it came to selling my home, there was a ton of advice out there from experts, but thanks to the wonderful world of children, I managed to get some brutal honesty from some children who were at the ripe old age of 6. And they had no problem telling me about what selling my home would really require.

What 6-year-olds taught me about selling my home

Selling my home – tips from 6-year-olds

So there I was, with five girls and boys, all with ice cream in hand, and here was the advice they gave me about selling my home. You might want to take notes, these are golden.

1- Tell a story

“If you have a funny story about the house, tell people.” – Clara

So selling my home would require a personal touch… at least that was how I translated it. I’ve always believed that a homeowner should be the one showing their house simply because no one knows the home better than the owner.

Add to that the fact that you can help to offer some insight as to why the home has a certain architecture or how a certain element can benefit homebuyers and it makes perfect sense that the seller would be the one to add personality to a home and give it some charm.

2- Go the extra mile

“Do something nice without them asking.” – Jonathan

Making a lasting impression with feature sheets or brochures of the home would make selling my home that much easier. Well, the kids mentioned something about giving buyers presents, but I think they were just fishing for gifts at this point…

Offering home buyers the chance to speak privately would also bode well for selling my home, as the kids pointed out that people like telling secrets. So it would be nice of me to give buyers some space without them having to as for it. Makes sense.

3- Give them something to eat

“If they are hungry and you give them cookies and milk, they will think you’re cool.” – Sarah

I wasn’t sure about this one, but the kids insisted on nourishment as a successful means to selling my home. The more I thought about it, the more sense it made. After all, most buyers visiting homes tend to visit a few and so must feel hungry and thirsty at some point.

Of course, something as crumbly as cookies would not be my first choice, but I think that offering a refreshment and some finger food may bode well for selling my home yet.

4- Don’t ask for too much

“When I ask daddy for two ice creams, he won’t even give me one.” – Jeremy

Okay, so maybe this doesn’t refer directly to selling my home, but I think that Jeremy is a deep thinker and the meaning behind his message is a great one: Don’t overprice your home or no one will even bother.

If I plan on selling my home quickly, it would bode well for me to price is competitively rather than price it high to “see what happens.” More often than not, home buyers won’t even bother because it is way out of their price range and other homes in the area are priced more strategically.

Selling my home will be a cinch!

Thanks to the advice of these savvy 6-year-olds, I just know that when it comes time to selling my home, it will go as smoothly as ice cream, right Jeremy?

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  1. Such a different take on home selling. Loved to read the blog. Although written in a funny tone, it contains age-old wisdom that only children can share. Loved your style and looking forward to more.

  2. Jeff Morgan says:

    I suggested to a Real Estate Agent friend of mine to bring along his well mannered son and daughter and have them playing inside and then out for prospective parents looking for a new home. If they bring their children along they can play together while the agent conducts the tour.


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