CBC Report: Calgary Homes For Sale Without Traditional Real Estate Agents

Word has it that Calgary homes for sale are forgoing the use of traditional real estate agents and Calgarian home sellers are opting instead to use flat-fee brokerages like ComFree Commonsense Network.

Calgary homes for sale in a hot market

CBC News Calgary interviewed Scott Bollinger, Licensed Broker for ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage to find out why more and more Calgary homes for sale are being listed without the use of a traditional real estate agent.

One home seller, Greg Kinloch, used ComFree Commonsense Network’s to advertise his Calgary home for sale and he sold it conditionally after just one day on the market.

He staged his house and showed it to potential buyers himself. He enlisted the help of ComFree Commonsense Network and paid a $2,500 flat fee for help with marketing, negotiations and filling the paperwork.

And even though Kinloch ended up paying commission to the buyer’s agent, he still ended up pocketing a sweet $15,000 in what could’ve been commission. Watch the video below.

“If I can keep money in my pocket for my family versus shelling out dollars to somebody else, I’m going to keep the money.” Sounds like a pretty rational argument to me.

More and more Calgary homes for sale without traditional agents

“The difference is the control that the seller has over how much they get and how much they pay,” said Bollinger. “How much work they do and how much they want to roll up their sleeves for a big benefit.”

Add to that the poll that the CBC has up on its website and there’s no doubt about it: Calgary homes for sale without the use of a traditional real estate agent are on the rise.

When asked: Would you consider selling your home on your own, without the help of a [real estate agent]?, a whopping 74% (out of 1,600 voters) would either use a for-sale-by-owner service or believe that Calgary homes for sale are being snatched up so quickly that they don’t need to use the services of a real estate agent.

If you’re thinking about selling your Calgary home and want to save money by selling without a traditional real estate agent, visit ComFree.com/Alberta to see how we can help.

Or you can attend one of our free 60-minute info sessions and find out more about us and how we’re helping Calgary homes for sale one flat fee at a time.




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