What the LRT expansion means for Edmonton Homeowners

Our very own Scott Bollinger, Licensed Broker for ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage in Alberta addresses what the LRT expansion really means for Edmontonians in the first of his columns for the Edmonton Journal.

According to the Edmonton Transportation Effect report from 2010, the LRT will mean a 10% to 20% increase in property value for all properties within an 800-metre radius of the construction.

What the lrt expansion means for homeowners

Our very own Scott Bollinger signs his first column for the Edmonton Journal.

He writes straight from the gut and with whole heartedness believes that condos and townhouses will see the biggest increase in value and that, in turn, means that these homeowners will not be annoyed by transit noise, but will rather be welcoming to public transit and what it means for their bottom line.

Add to that the Henday expansion and you can add happy north Edmonton homeowners ranging all the way to Fort Saskatchewan.

For more on what this multitude of dump trucks means for Edmonton, read Scott’s piece in the Homes section of theEdmonton Journal

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