Meet Ana Ligia, Ricardo and Kevin: Successful Sellers!

0614_Marques_Bolton_510338(1)When an opportunity to move overseas came up, Ana Ligia and Ricardo, along with their six year old son, needed to consider their options for selling their family home of ten years.

After doing some research, they signedup with ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage. Within 10 days of their listing going online, they had SOLD! They saved $20,000 in commission, so you can bet they wasted no time recommending the ComFree® way to their friends and family.

We contacted this energetic family to hear more about their successful sale and what they thought of selling with ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage.

Why did you decide to sell our property?

We wanted to relocate.

Is this your first home?  If yes, how does it feel to sell your first home? 

Yes it is!  It was great, we loved it.  We would do it all over again!

Why did you choose to sell your property with ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage?

I wasn’t too enthusiastic about giving $20,000, $30,000 to someone that would just show my house a couple times.  I know my house more than anyone else, doesn’t matter how much you explain to a third party, I know my house better than anyone else. It was more on a personal level, more comfortable.

How much did you save in commission?  What will you do with the amount you saved?

We saved $20,000.  In my pocket!

Which of the tools made available did you find most valuable?

Everything, I think everything!  The few times I had to call the customer service line, everyone that answered was helpful, very knowledgeable.

Did you host an open house? 

Yes. We were going to have two, one on the Saturday and one on the Sunday.

Did you feel comfortable doing the open house?

I LOVED it!  And I’m not a sales person at all.  But I loved it.  It is very professional you can explain to people, you can talk to them; you can give them the freedom.

How did you determine a price for you home?

Well I am very aware of the market here, so I had a very good idea of where we should stand.

What do you think were the key selling points of your home?

It is extremely well kept; we take very good care of the house.  It is extremely clean, and we don’t have a lot of stuff.

If a friend asked you about our service, how would you describe it?  Would you recommend us?

Oh everyone knows about it!  All of our friends know we sold with ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage!  I’ve told everybody about it, I highly recommend it to everyone!

What is your occupation?  The company name?

I am I business manager, and Ricardo is a truck driver.

Do you have any children living with you?  If yes, what are their ages?

Yes we have one son; he is 6 years old and is excited to move.

Would you use our service again, the next time you sell your home? 

Oh absolutely! No questions there.

What did you like most and least about the process?

Least, I don’t think there is anything I did not like.   No, I think for me, the way I am, the way I think, it worked perfectly.  What I liked the most, I used the top package, it is not a lot of money, and it is well priced, it was a perfect combination for me.


With a big move and adventure ahead of them, Ana Ligia and Ricardo were happy about how simple selling their home was.  Although this was their first home and it was filled with many moments to remember, they are both excited and looking forward to making new memories in their new family home!

Thank you so much for your time Ana Ligia and Ricardo!

A big shout out goes to everyone involved in the sale:

Licensed Sales Representative: Adam Crognale

Customer Service Representatives: Chantal Devine, Aneta O’Neill, Les Baldwin, Jasmine Kler, Candace DiCarlo, Rose Morton, Bianca Ettridge, Lienne Loura, Julie DiFillippo, Ruth James

Licensed Broker, offerAssist: Steven Bailey, Leslie Capredoni

Sales: Lyn Schrader, Louise Hastings, Brenda Hyde

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