Meet the Hayes Family: A Success Story

It’s like Christmas in August for a retired couple in Washago Ontario. Spending six months of the year in a sunny Florida condo, and their children married with children of their own, Mike and Daphne Hayes decided it was time to downsize.

Knowing their custom build home of 12 years better than anyone else, they decided to skip traditional real estate and saved $16,000 in commission using the ComFree® way!

The Hayes Family

We contacted a very excited Mike and Daphne to hear more about their successful sale.

Why did you decide to sell your property? 

Mike: We have a Florida condo and spend six months there. It was time to downsize from our three bedroom house and large property to a condo in Canada.

Is this your first home? If yes, how does it feel to sell your first home? If not, how would you explain the differences between selling this home to selling your first home? 

Mike: This is our seventh home and our first experience with ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage. Never again would I go to conventional realtors. This was stress free and much more profitable. We had this house built 12 years ago to our specifications. Who better to know it and show it than us?

Why did you choose to sell your property with ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage? 

Mike: We have friends in real estate and discussions over the years convinced us that they were not working for the client but for themselves. Much discussion revolved around the real estate fees for little effort. The exposure was better with The photos were excellent and the support was seven days a week when needed.

How much did you save in commission? What will you do with the amount you saved? 

Mike: $16,000 in commission saved will be invested in a tax free savings account for future holidays.

Which of the tools made available did you find most valuable? 

Mike: The internet photos and the brochures

What kind of support did you seek from our team?

Daphne: We had to call customer service, we had to change our picture on the website, they walked us through every time we had any questions or needed further information, they walked us through the computer program, change the picture, change the price. They were very accommodating and late at night if we decided to do something and emailed ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage, we certainly had an answer by the next morning.

Mike: We purchased the offerAssist for assistance in preparing the offer.

How did you determine a price for your home?

Daphne: The people that build our house have built several houses in this community and we did some comparisons. The Comparative Market Analysis also helped.

Mike: Market research and viewing local real estate in similar properties.

What do you think were the key selling points of your home?

Daphne: We have a gazebo at the back where you can sit, because we’re in the country so there are lots of mosquitos. We have a great garden, I love gardening!

 Mike: It is a perfect house for retired couple. One level, low maintenance, impeccably decorated with curb appeal.

If a friend asked you about our service, how would you describe it? Would you recommend us?

Daphne: Oh definitely, and have and will continue to do that!

Mike: The only way to go.

What is your occupation? The company name? 

Mike: I’m a retired police officer (33 years) but currently am president of a Private Investigative Agency, Investigative Resolutions Inc.

Do you have any children living with you? If yes, what are their ages? 

Mike: No. They are married and minding our grandchildren.

Would you use our service again?

Daphne: You bet!

Mike: Undoubtedly. We had no dislikes.

Daphne: I wish ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage the best business ethics and success because I think whoever started the whole concept and whatever your business sense is based on, I think it’s very successful. I really think everyone we were involved with had the best of mannerisms, and respect and I certainly thought it was wonderful and thank you very much for everything.

Mike: The assistance and service personnel were always available, a phone call away and most helpful. ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage has the right formula.

Knowing how simple using ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage was, Mike and Daphne can now relax in the warm Florida weather!

A big shout out goes to everyone involved in the sale:

Samantha Schuur
Laura Llewellyn
Cetina Farruggia
Lienne Loura
Jasmione Kler
Julie DiFilippo
Les Baldwin
Andrea Ielasi
Biance Ettridge
Phrankie Willson





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