Meet the Stinson family: A success story

After over 20 years in their family home, John and Janet Stinson decided it was time to downsize and sell their beautiful property just outside of Calgary.

After attempting to sell their property through another agent without success, they decided to try the ComFree® way, knowing that they could have complete control over the sale of their home.

We made our way to Springbank to meet with this lovely couple to hear more about their experience selling with ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage.

Stinson Family

Why did you decide to sell on your own?

We decided to sell on our own because we didn’t have success by using another real estate agent before.

Why did you consider the ComFree® way?

We decided to consider using the ComFree® way because it gave us control in every aspect of developing the marketing plan.

What kind of support did you see from our team to help you with your concerns?

We had tremendous support from everyone at ComFree Commonsense Network. The one that was particularly useful was the offerAssist, where there is a real estate agent assigned to us. It’s because of her we actually sold the home through ComFree Commonsense Network.

How was your experience with OfferAssist?

Our experience with offerAssist was absolutely incredible. The individual that was assigned to us, Donna Adams handled the negotiation for us and handled all the paperwork afterward – it was excellent!

Does the process that ComFree Commonsense Network provides work?

The overall process that ComFree Commonsense Network provides is absolutely incredible! It works from the very beginning to the very end and I am really impressed!

Of the tools made available by ComFree Commonsense Network, which did you most appreciate or find effective?

The MyComFree account provided me with information daily as to the activity on our house, the number of people that looked at the listing, the number of people that requested maps etc. and I found that to be very useful.

Would you use the ComFree® way again?

I would definitely use the ComFree® way again. We were very happy from the beginning right to the end and the final proof of the pudding is we sold our house!

If you had to describe your experience with ComFree Commonsense Network in 1-2 sentences, what would it be?

My experience with ComFree Commonsense Network was absolutely professional in every way, it was effective, and the bottom line is we sold our house at a very good cost.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to sell their property?

I think anybody that is thinking of selling their property should, in addition to looking at the traditional listing model, seriously consider looking at ComFree Commonsense Network. They are very impressive.

How much did you save in commission? What are you going to do with the amount you saved?

Perhaps the best part of dealing with ComFree Commonsense Network was we were able to save over $42,000 in real estate commissions. We are very very happy. We will invest. I believe my wife has already spent it – hopefully on the purchase of our new home!

Any concluding statements?

Our experience has been nothing but a pleasure from the very beginning to the very end. They are very professional, they are very responsive when there were any questions I had, and they were extremely effective in helping us actually negotiate the final sale of our home. They are first class.

With a big move ahead, John and Janet can rest easy knowing they saved over $42,000 in commission. We were so grateful to have been able to meet these two delightful people and we wish them the best in this next chapter of their lives!

You can sell your home too!

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