5 Tips for Selling Your First Home

Decided that it’s time to let go of your first home and perhaps upgrade to a new one. Congratulations! That’s a big move.

If you want to do it right, however, here are some tips for selling your first home so that you can do it successfully and feel empowered.

Tips for selling your first home

Tips for selling your first home #1

Begin to declutter
Before you  list your home, you need to start thinking about all the things you don’t plan on taking with you to the new home – start decluttering your home now. Your objective is to show a home that is neutral enough that it allows homebuyers to picture themselves and their belongings in it.

Tips for selling your first home #2

Decide if you want to sell or buy first
If you are building a new home from the ground up then disregard this tip but if you are not sure whether you want to shop around before selling your first home, the decision is not always an easy one.

If you decide to buy first you will need to sell your first home quickly and you may end up losing some money. If you decide to sell first, then, unless you have somewhere to stay temporarily, you might end up settling for a home that doesn’t contain all the features you want.

Tips for selling your first home #3

Release your emotional attachment
Speaking from personal experience, my first home is where I became a bride, had two children, and built what I felt was a lifetime of memories. So when it came time to sell my home, it wasn’t easy to look at things from an objective standpoint.

My objective, however, was to sell my home and I knew that I would build countless additional memories in a new home.  I therefore dedicated myself to staging my home and pricing it right. I ultimately sold my home in three days.

Tips for selling your first home

Tips for selling your first home #4

Plan for visitors
Whether it’s by appointment only or through an open house on weekends, you should begin making your home look more like a show home and less like a lived-in home. Start packing away personal décor (pictures of the family, heirlooms, etc.) and stage the home in a neutral fashion.

Not only will this facilitate the homebuyer’s ability to foresee themselves in their new home, it will also ease your packing for the move, as many items will already be packed away.

Tips for selling your first home #5

Make small upgrades to the home
Whether you have months or weeks to make upgrades, it’s imperative that you make some minor changes that will ultimately help you sell your first home. Something as simple as repainting the walls in neutral colors and replacing small items for shiny new ones could make all the difference.

And don’t forget to scrub your home clean!

Selling your first home today

While selling your first home may stir-up feelings of trepidation, ultimately you can sell your first home if you have all the right tools at your disposal.

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  1. Excellent point, Jade! In fact, ComFree sellers can enjoy full-colour booklets to hand out to interested buyers – they’re a great takeaway!

  2. Jade Brunet says:

    It is good to know that planning for visitors is a helpful step in selling your home. I agree that making your home look more like a show home at all times of the day would be beneficial. Something else to think about would be to seek professional help from a realtor to have quality fliers made in color.

  3. When selling a home, it is important to make the space feel as open and clean as possible. Take extra pieces of furniture and personal belongings that you don’t need on a daily basis to storage and re-arrange what is left to make the home feel open.

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