Are Open Houses Worth It?

Oftentimes, home sellers wonder if holding open houses are worth it. The fear is that the only people who will actually show up are nosy neighbors and people who have nothing better to do but wander in and out of open houses to get free cookies.

But open houses are about more than cookies and nosy neighbours; people are successfully selling their home when holding open houses because they are going about it the right way. “No matter how great the pictures, many homebuyers want to see the property for themselves, so holding an open house is a great way to get the most buyers seeing your home in a minimal amount of time,” says Randall Weese, Broker of Record at ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage.

So if you want to hold an open house and wonder if it’s worth it, here are some tips to guide you.


Open house basics

The best time to hold an open house is on a Sunday afternoon, but not on a Sunday when there’s a holiday on Monday – people often go away on long weekends and don’t want to think about home buying.  As well, avoid doing it on a Sunday that has a special event like Mother’s Day or a parade day.

You can hold an open house for as long or little as you want, but ideally, you should keep your doors open for three hours.

Make sure to lock away anything of value and put away any trinkets you don’t want anyone knocking over by accident (5-year-olds tend to touch everything).

An Open house can offer information

The beauty of an open house is that you can get some honest opinions from home buyers regarding what is working and not working in your home sale and this allows you to make improvements and changes, given that they are minor, of course.

If your home is unique and is a “must see to believe” kind of home, then holding open houses is a good idea, but don’t hold them too often. As well, make sure you prepare well in advance by ensuring that your landscaping is immaculate, your home is clean and that you advertise it in advance.

Steps to a great open house

If you want to ensure that your open house is worth it, then you should probably do the following:

Get rid of pets: No matter how cute and adorable your pet is, not everyone will agree, especially homebuyers who have allergies or just don’t believe that animals belong in the home. So on open house day, make sure you have a pet sitter.

Lock away valuables: As aforementioned, if you have anything of value in your home, it’s best to lock it away somewhere safe and feel relaxed as people are coming in and out of your home on open house day.

Talk about the neighborhood: “Homebuyers aren’t just buying a home; they’re buying a lifestyle, so make sure you talk about all the amenities nearby,” says Randall Weese. Let them know why your home is the home they want to live in for years to come.

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