Meet the Grassi Family From Windsor: A Success Story

Raymond and Lyndsey, along with their 2 year old daughter, needed a little more room for their growing family and somewhere closer to their jobs where they teach.  With the option of saving thousands, they decided to try the ComFree® way to help them sell their family home.

The Grassi family from Windsor

We contacted the young couple from Windsor to hear all about their successful experience with ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage.

Why did you decide to sell your property?

We needed to find a bigger home; more space. It felt really cramped. Well, it was that and both of our jobs: we both relocated. My husband was working in Leamington which was about a 50 minute/hour drive from where we were and I was moved to Tecumseh, which was not too far but, far enough that we didn’t need to live in that location any more. [We were] outgrowing it so it was time to move on.

Is this your first home? 

No, I had bought and sold on my own before and this was actually a home my husband had purchased before we met, so, we’ve yet to buy our first home together. But that’s our next step. Not our first home, but we’re excited to buy our first home together.

Why did you choose to sell your property with ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage?

The one prior to this sale, we also did on our own. We just used Private Exchange which was good for the time, but when we saw ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage and it offered the MLS® feature that was really attractive to us. We just felt like ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage was becoming more and more popular, […], more recognizable in the area. We thought we’d just give it a shot.

How much did you save in commission?  What will you do with the amount you saved?

About $6,000 – somewhere around there; it was definitely worth it. We were comfortable attempting it – maybe my husband was more comfortable than me, but I liked the whole marketing of it. I liked that it came with a package, [it went] step by step, and you got to […] pick and choose what fit our needs as a family.

We are using it towards a down payment but we’re also going away for March Break. We’re both teachers, so we’re excited to go on a holiday. Actually, it’ll be our first really big family vacation because we’re going on a cruise, so that’s pretty special and we’re bringing our daughter with us.

Which of the tools made available did you find most valuable?

I really liked how you could print the feature sheets – I found that really handy and I also felt that the access to support was really helpful. If I just shot off a quick email in the day it was always returned right away and even though we sold during the holidays it was still a really prompt service, which was really appreciated. We needed the removal of conditions sheet and within a half hour we had it. It was really good.

Did you host an open house?

We did – we hosted two, I believe. It was actually really easy to do and both were really successful. We used the open house sign that you could purchase and then we used the social media tools that were available: I linked it to my Facebook and advertised it that way as well. And the feature sheets were really helpful – we even attached a little pamphlet holder to our sign and we put them outside and people in the neighbourhood would take them. Yeah, the open houses were successful and we felt comfortable doing them. My husband would host them and my daughter and I would take off for the weekend. They were good.

What type of support did you seek from our team?

Well, we felt pretty confident from the start. The support would have just been every time we needed to [make a change], because we reduced the price a couple of times, so that sort of support. You know, [questions like] who do we contact? What do we do? What do we need to do?

How did you determine the sale price of your home?

We had two homes that went for sale and sold rather quickly in our neighbourhood a couple of months prior, so we used that as a starting point. We didn’t purchase the additional package for that; we decided on a price on our own. And then we just kind of watched the market in our area and then, basically reduced it a couple times because we were anxious to get it sold, so we kind of went where we felt comfortable and couldn’t go any further.

What do you think were the key selling features of your home?

Well, we had it completely renovated so it was really modern. Basically, it was the perfect starter home because it was turn-key and we re-did the bathrooms [and so forth], so, it was really updated, really well-kept and maintained; my husband is a very good handy man so everything was maintained properly and we newly landscaped it in the summer – I think that also helped out. I know everything was done right so they really got a bargain!

If a friend asked you about our service, how would you describe it?  Would you recommend it?

I would recommend it for sure, and I would describe it as somebody sort of holding your hand through the process to help you and answer any questions you might [have], make it less intimidating, make it seem very doable; it just seemed so daunting. Also, my husband wanted to add we used all of the offer sheets and condition removal sheets – all of the paperwork that was available as a tool; that was really helpful to us. It’s like having somebody guide you but it wasn’t invasive, so it was nice that we still felt that we were in the driver’s seat but we had somebody to talk to if we wanted to. A passenger, not a backseat driver.

We really enjoyed the photos that were taken, they were wonderful.  And the guy, Darren, who did our in-home consultation, he was really nice. He made us feel very comfortable and we actually ordered a pizza during the session and we made him eat it. It felt very comfortable from the start. It was awesome, I was like, “please, eat it; have one!” and he said, “okay, okay, fine!”

Do you have any children living with you?  If so, what are their ages?

We have one daughter; she just turned two, actually, so in the month of selling our home, celebrating Christmas, our daughter turned two, and we also had an anniversary because we got married on New Year’s Eve so it was the busiest time ever! We like to do everything in December so why not sell the house too?

After having saved $6,000* in commission, the Grassi family is very excited to purchase their first home together as a family, and will continue to recommend the ComFree® way to their friends and family!

*When compared to an average commission of 5%, rounded down to the nearest thousand. May not include remuneration paid to the buyer’s agent, if any.

The trademarks MLS®, Multiple Listing Service® and the associated logos are owned by The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and identify the quality of services provided by real estate professionals who are members of CREA. Used under license.

Staff involved:

Licenced Sales Representative: Darren Cooper

Customer Service:

Chantal Devine

Aneta O’Neill

Andrea Ielasi

Samantha Schuur

Rose Morton

Lienne Loura

Les Baldwin

Biance Ettridge

Norma Patenaude

Laura Llewellyn

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