ComFree Commonsense Network broker in the media

After announcing that ComFree in Manitoba had converted its operations to a broker, ComFree Commonsense Network broker received a great deal of attention from the biggest media outlets in the province.

CBC News, CBC radio, CTV News, and The Winnipeg Free Press (just to name a few) all attended the March 18th press conference and covered the launch of the broker.

During an interview, Kim Ewchuk, ComFree Commonsense Network broker’s Licensed Sales Representative and General Manager, explained that all representatives are now licensed and will be able to provide customers with the same expertise as any other real estate agent such as pricing guidance along with a wide range of support offered by our team for a low-flat fee.

Additionally, ComFree Commonsense Network broker customers will receive unparalleled listing exposure on both and, two of Canada’s largest real estate websites.

In the following Global News clip, you can hear Mike Fabian, a ComFree Commonsense Network client, affirming that he would rather keep the money in his own bank account than in somebody else’s.

Check-out all of the coverage received below:

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Listen to the Radio Noon coverage:

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