How to Plan Your First Home Renovation Project

How to Plan Your First Home Renovation Project

If you are planning to remodel your home, it is important to start the planning process early. While you be anxious to get started, it is best to have a detailed plan so you know how much you are going to spend and how long the process is going to take. Here are some valuable tips on how to plan your first home renovation.

1. Plan Well In Advance

Spring and summer are the most popular seasons for home renovations.

If you are hiring a contractor, you should plan the start date of your remodel in advance. This way you give yourself plenty of time and a schedule to work with.

Plan what you want done and when you want it done by. Prior planning for your home remodel will help you select the right contractor for the job.

2. Doing Your Homework

You might have a picture of what you are going for in your head, but you should take time to look at different styles and ideas in home improvement magazines.

There’s no need to have your blueprints laid out, but you should have a general idea of what you want your home to look like once the project is done.

Compile pictures, write down some ideas, and bring the ideas to your first meeting with your contractor.

3. Get Feedback

Now that you have ideas and you already have a budget in mind, you can meet with your contractor for feedback on your renovation project.

Your contractor might suggest different finishing, different flooring, different counter tops, or more affordable techniques if your budget is too low for what you want.

You should listen to the expert’s feedback and ask for second opinions if you do not agree with the contractor. After you modify the ideas, you can start planning the details.

4. Determine the Return on Investment of the Remodel

If you are debating whether or not to raise your renovation budget, you should consider how the modifications you are planning will affect the resale value of your home.

If you really want to focus on the kitchen and the bathroom, choose the room that offers the greatest return first. Your contractor can give you an idea of how much a specific project will increase the value of your home.

5. Start Planning Dates

Now that you know which areas you are going to focus on, you need to start planning the dates. If you are renovating a kitchen, be prepared to be without your kitchen for a specified period of time.

Ask the contractor how long the flooring, counter top, or other work will take. Be sure that the contractor has a bond so that their promises are guaranteed.

If you are ready to make some changes, but have never done a renovation before, be prepared and plan the process. Consider these tips and take a step back if you start to get stressed. With the right contractor and a complete checklist, you can stay focused and finish your home renovation right on schedule.

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Harvey Tippitt is a freelance writer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico who focuses his writing efforts on real estate, the mortgage industry, renovation & remodeling, interior design and other similar topics.


  1. Ivy Baker says:

    This is some really good information about how you should make sure that you have enough time to do the revelations. I wouldn’t want to worry about getting any home renovations done before winter. After all, doing renovations in the snow sounds like a very annoying thing to do.

  2. Amber Cook says:

    Wow! Such a valuable information you have shared here on home renovation. Because I also feel that if a person is going to renovate his home without any fair planning, then perhaps he may be the most idiotic person in the world. Because home renovation task does not come under that category which can be done in a whim. In fact we need to sketch the layout of everything before going to commence the renovation project, and if we are for the first time going to remodel our home, then I think it is quite indispensable to follow the above steps, otherwise the result may become a severe headache or a nightmare in near future.

  3. Sharon Elleen says:

    I really appreciate the insight here in this post and confident it’s going to be helpful to me and many others. Thanks for your great post.

  4. LNWeaver says:

    I like your advice to get ideas from magazines. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. There’s probably someone out there who has a design that’s similar to what you’re imagining.

  5. Home Elevators of BC says:

    Planning well in advance really majorly dictates the success of the project. It avoids any delays. It is best to patiently get into all details during planning stage in order to stick by the estimated timeline during the entire project.

  6. I appreciate all of the advice you have given here in regards to planning your first renovation project. My wife and I have been focusing on the kids for quite some time now that we did not have the time to do the renovations that we have always wanted to do. Now that they are older, we can start doing our homework on exactly what we want to do. Thanks again!

  7. Kyle Winters says:

    Planning a major home remodel really can be quite taxing if you’re not prepared. However, the article does a fantastic job of breaking down some of the stuff you can do to get ready. I especially like that it encourages planning dates. That way, if you need to temporarily move out for the renovation, then you can have accommodations ready in time.

  8. Jenna Hunter says:

    We have been saving up for five years to renovate our ten years old bathroom in our house and we can finally afford it now! It was and an eye-opener to learn that there’s no need to have your blueprints laid out, but you should have a general idea of what you want your home to look like once the project is done. We are no experts so we will be sure to get professional help to ensure that the bathrooms turn out the way we want them to!

  9. John says:

    I really like the idea mentioned above about doing your homework when planning a renovation project. Not only will it give you a plan and a budget, but you will also be able to get quotes from a contractor. My wife and I want to renovate our home this year, so we’ll be sure to take the tips so as to get the best possible renovation done to our home.

  10. eMoov says:

    Home renovation is not an easy decision, and it will never be easier if you are starting the process. You have to plan ahead very well and make things set before you go on with your first step. Planning is the most crucial part and it will determine 90% of your success.

  11. I love your advice to plan well in advance. It seems that many people put off remodeling their home until the last minute. However, if you aren’t planning properly, you can easily have difficulty with the process. Do you have any other tips about remodeling a home?

  12. This is some great information, and I appreciate your suggestion to plan well in advance when doing renovations. My husband and I have decided that we’re going to remodel our kitchen, and we’re planning on doing that this fall. Even though it’s really early, we’ll definitely start the planning process so we’re prepared when the time comes to get started.

  13. Sean Hogan says:

    It pays to have a detailed plan, you’ll know all the things you will before hand and nothing will be left out. Do a research too on other people who did a home renovation project and see what challenges they faced when they start renovating.

  14. Danni Black says:

    My husband and I are going to be renovating our home in the next few months. We have never done a job like this before so we will have to keep these tips in mind. We are really hoping that the project turns out well and we can get the kitchen that we have always wanted!

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