The key to selling your house


Storage: The key to selling your house

Among the important criteria when buying a house is the amount of storage space available. The buyer will be charmed by various cabinets, large wardrobes and ingenious drawers. When visits are scheduled, put your house in order, even inside the cupboards and closets. Don’t forget that some potential buyers open every door. Wardrobes that overflow give the impression that there isn’t enough storage space in your house. Make sure everything is at the right place and get rid of objects you don’t need anymore. It’s a great opportunity to hand them to charity or to simply store your articles.


How to store before a visit
Organization is the key. Put the wardrobes in order and don’t forget the closet in the hall. Through the years, we tend to accumulate clothes. It’s the perfect timing to sort them and to store off-season items in a storage tote under the bed. A well-organized closet will always look larger. Get prepared and tidy up, room by room.

• Remove objects on the counters.
• Reorganize the pantry.
• Store sponges and dish towels.

• Hang stepladders on the wall.
• Install perforated panels on the walls and hang small tools, using hooks.

• Build a plywood platform to drop articles that are used occasionally such as Christmas decorations or luggage.

How to add storage areas
The simplest way to add storage is to install shelves. In the kitchen, fix a spice rack on the wall. In the bathroom, a shelf for towels is both practical and decorative. In the closets, install a shelf on top of the rail to lay hats and purses.
Toy organizers are perfect for a kid’s room or the playroom. Heavy-duty shelving units are suitable for seasonal products stored in the garage.


If your hall is large enough, a bench is a great idea. You can use it to put on your boots but also to store mittens and scarves. Build a storage bench with a step-by-step construction plan. You could also install a small island in the kitchen to store your small appliances like the toaster or the mixer.

A tidy home will comfort potential buyers and they will easily imagine their personal belongings in your house. A sleek decor makes the house look more spacious, therefore easier to sell.

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