Spring’s eternal hope: Edmonton housing market a study in contrasts















Our very own Scott Bollinger, Licensed Associate Broker for ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage in Alberta, talks real estate in his monthly column for the Edmonton Journal.

In his latest column, Scott says, “For every story we see touting Edmonton’s relative stability to the rest of battered Alberta, we get one about how, say, booming local pawn shops are signalling widespread economic pain. And for every sunny and surprisingly resilient housing statistic, we get a scary headline on rising consumer debts that suggests something darker is coming our way.”

Scott explains why this year, if spring fever is going to boost a sagging housing market anywhere in Alberta, it would happen in Edmonton. Scott also reveals his 2016 spring real estate market predictions and discusses what both sellers and buyers should expect.

Read our latest column in the Edmonton Journal to get the full story!


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