Selling Your Home this Halloween? Avoid Scaring Buyers Away

Autumn wreath decorating front door.

October accents don’t have to be scary!

Tricks to make your October decor a treat for buyers!

If you love decorating your home to match the season, an October home sale can be a lot of fun. Autumn is simply brimming with charming decor, from gorgeous mums for your front step to brilliantly-coloured wreaths for your door, with countless options in between! It’s definitely a time when DIY home stagers’ hearts beat a little faster.

But, when your festive spirit extends to charming trick-or-treaters with your Halloween decorations, selling your home can leave you scratching your head. You might find yourself wondering how much is too much, or if your decked-out home will drive buyers away.

In her recent column in the Winnipeg Free Press, Kim Ewchuk, general manager and licensed sales representative for ComFree Commonsense Network, offers Halloween home-sellers useful tips on how to wow this October 31st without putting a bad taste in buyers’ mouths.

Read the full article here.


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