Decluttering tips for homes on the market

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Practical tricks for keeping real-life clutter at bay.

When you’re preparing to put your home on the market, a piece of advice you’ll get over and over again is to “declutter.” In fact, we at ComFree always advise decluttering to would-be home sellers, as do countless websites, articles, and blogs offering tips on getting your home ready to sell.

But, how do you go about clearing out your clutter when you still live in the house? After all, isn’t most of that clutter there because you use it?

We know that it’s impossible to keep your home in a constant state of show-readiness. Family, jobs, pets, life – everything seems to drag your clutter back into the spotlight. With this reality in mind, our Manitoba general manager and licensed sales representative, Kim Ewchuk offers some practical tricks for keeping your clutter at bay- at least on show days!

Read all of Kim’s tips here.

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  1. Nice tips for decluttering homes. These tips are really gonna help me. Thanks for sharing here.

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