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Marco Dodier, President and Chief Executive Officer at ComFree

A Message from ComFree’s President and CEO, Marco Dodier

Dear customers, website visitors, and friends of ComFree,

With the help of thousands of Canadians who put their trust in us, the ComFree network has been a forerunner in revolutionizing real estate in Canada. Our objective has never wavered: to give you modern, efficient, honest, and personal service to help you sell your property and save on the commission. Over the years, we have built an outstanding team with members who share our passion and who put their heart into making your experience incredible.

Anyone who has used our services can tell you about our team’s enthusiasm and desire to make a difference in the lives of our customers. Your success and satisfaction drive everything we do, which no doubt explains our remarkable success!

ComFree and the web

The Internet has made it possible to give consumers easy access to the information they want – information that may have previously been highly specialized. In this way, the web continues to break down the barriers that some industries were built upon. Real estate is one such industry that has been significantly altered, and it is from here that ComFree gains its strength.

Our website is one of the most-visited real estate sites in Canada*, which is an accomplishment we’re very proud of. We work hard so that our customers’ properties are impeccably presented, drawing more buyers to their listings and offering a great house-hunting experience.

A new and improved platform

To maintain our foothold in the industry and continue to offer the most useful, user-friendly platform available, we have decided to revise and improve our website. We are officially launching the new ComFree.com today!

As you will see, we have completely redesigned the site. Of course, we have kept everything that makes us a key online destination for house hunters, but in a superior format: the photos are bigger, the information is easier to read, and the searches have been simplified.

A more enjoyable visitor experience

Another major improvement is that the site now works on any device (smartphones, tablets and desktop computers). This means that the browsing experience is always seamless and easy.

More changes

The launch of the new website is not the end of the road for our improvements here at ComFree – in fact, it’s quite the opposite. The new website is the foundation which we’ll continue to build upon to improve our services. Our team is already working on new features that will be added next year.

I hope you enjoy the new ComFree.com and that it helps you find your next property. I would also like to thank all the ComFree network employees who worked with such dedication on this major project. You showed creativity, diligence, and commitment, and you should be proud of the end result. I am definitely proud of you!

Enjoy your visit.


Marco Dodier
President and CEO


*comScore Media Metrix®, average over 2 years (2014-2015), unique visitors, CA.



  1. Cheri says:

    Josee Michelle Leger:
    When searching listing sights for houses, I’m not looking for EXACT square footage figures. It doesn’t have to be “measured accurately” at this stage of the game. I’m just looking for a ballpark amount. All you have to do is include ie. “approx. 1600 sq ft” OR “approx. 2000-2200 sq ft”, etc. When doing an initial search, no one’s going to cry “misrepresentation” because the figure is out by a couple of hundred sq ft! I just want an idea!

  2. Josee Michelle Leger says:

    In regard to square footage; you won’t find it in realtor.ca either. If anything, it might be found in the property description. It’s great when a homeowner still has the original floor plan with the SF as per the builder’s calculations.

    Calculating square footage can prove to be a feat in itself and if not measured accurately, can lead to other problems and potentially misrepresentation.

    If you’re interested in a particular property, it’s always best to review the room dimensions and photos. If these first two steps go well, by all means, book a showing! 🙂

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    We appreciate your feedback and will take it into our continued consideration.

    With thanks,
    Stella Froese

  4. Jennifer says:

    Over a month later and you still haven’t added square footage!
    I know how easy it is to change the parameters on the backend of the database so this VERY IMPORTANT feature is included on the website.
    Add back square footage please.
    We pass on many houses because your website does NOT SHOW SQUARE FOOTAGE.
    Further, when contacting anyone, to date, when they are “realtor” represented by Comfree Realtors, no one has given us square footage and very few even reply.

  5. Hi Jay,

    You raise a great point about square footage, and we appreciate your feedback. I’ll submit your concerns for our ongoing improvements to the new website.

    Many thanks,
    Stella Froese

  6. J says:

    I can only assume this new website was designed without consulting users at all. Where is the square footage? Why make it so much harder to search? Why can’t a person search by square footage (my personally most important criteria after location)? Why exclude older browsers? This is so annoying that I’m considering giving up on ComFree.

  7. Hi there, Guy,

    I’m sorry to hear that your search isn’t working.

    In order to help you, I’ll just go through a couple of steps to ensure that your search is set up the right way.
    First, look to the top-right corner and ensure that the correct province is selected (as I’ve indicated in the linked image, below).
    Second, keep an eye out for “Regina and Surrounding Area” – it’s the first option on the list and it should give you less-specific search results.

    Here’s the image to show you where to look:

    If you’re still having any issues, please feel free to reach out. Just describe your search problem in as much detail as possible and I’ll continue to look into the matter. Alternatively, I invite you to call our Customer Support team who’d be happy to help: 1 866 468-3757.

    Stella Froese

  8. Hi Sandra,

    Thanks for writing to us with your question! Based on our research, we’ve updated our email alerts to give the most relevant and concise information to potential buyers. But, as always, our goal is to put buyers in contact with ComFree sellers who will be able to provide you with additional information.

    Please know that your feedback is important to us, and we’re taking this concern into our ongoing consideration.

    Best wishes for your search,
    Stella Froese

  9. Hi Jennifer,

    You raise a great question – we are currently working on a solution to give you all the relevant information you and other buyers need.

    Thanks for your feedback!
    Stella Froese

  10. Hi Paula,

    There does seem to have been a bug on the website that prevented listings in this area from showing up – my sincere apologies for the frustration it caused!

    Just to ensure that your searches are a smooth process going forward, here are some steps to follow:
    1) Ensure that the Alberta is selected in the province selector in the top-right corner (#1 in the linked image I’ve included).
    2) When you start typing in the city name, a list of possible cities and regions drops down. Make sure that you select Sherwood park from this list – including the province name in your search will turn up zero results (#2).

    Your feedback is greatly appreciated, and we’ll continue to make adjustments based on your experiences.

    Best wishes,
    Stella Froese

  11. Sandra says:

    Why is there no information about lot sizes on the daily alert sent to me?

  12. Rohina singh says:

    Nice websites, thank you for sharing the blog,well done.

  13. Jennifer says:

    Where is square footage? Why would you take this important piece out of this version?

  14. Guy says:

    horrible cant find my city Regina just shows various Regina streets across the country

  15. Paula says:

    New and improved???? When I type in Sherwood Park, Alberta for the search it says no homes available. What??

    Very frustrating…

  16. Hi Marie,

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re having difficulty searching for properties – I think a few small adjustments to your search settings might make a difference.

    First, I recommend ensuring that you’ve selected Manitoba as the correct province (see #1 in the image below) – if you’re accidentally in another province, no results will come up.

    Second, select the areas in Winnipeg where you’d like to search (you can select multiple regions).

    Third, it could help to pull down the “More criteria” menu and select “Merged cities” (#4). This should give you some results.

    It could also help visually to search via the map:

    If you continue to have difficulties, please don’t hesitate to give us a call for technical support. The Manitoba number is 1-855-953-9533.

    Best wishes for your home search!
    Stella Froese

  17. Marie Tyrrell says:

    This is not working!! I can’t select my city of winnipeg, it says no listings!!! I thought the old site was fantastic, clear, and easy to use.

  18. Hi there,

    Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with the new website – I’m glad you reached out.

    Could you clarify what happens when you try to navigate to http://www.comfree.com? If it’s a browser issue, you should be redirected to this page:

    Currently, the browsers that should support our new website are as follows:
    Internet Explorer 10
    Internet Explorer 11
    Android browsers, 4.4 or newer
    iPhone plus, 4s or newer

    If you have one of these browsers and are still encountering problems, I’d invite you to call our Customer Support team, who will be able to connect you to Technical Support. The numbers to call by province are:

    ON: 1-866-336-9637
    AB: 1-877-888-3131
    MB: 1-855-953-9533
    SK: 1-866-468-3757


  19. blah says:

    The new website is not working with my browser. That sucks. It was perfectly fine before. Now I can’t even search using the city name either.

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