Selling Your Home in Winter Weather: 5 Tips for Snowy Success

Winter home sale

Selling Your Home in Winter Weather: 5 Tips for Snowy Success

As Canadians homeowners know all too well, the spring housing market can often begin with a blanket of snow. But there’s no reason to be troubled by the lingering white stuff, according to Kim Ewchuk, Licensed Sales Representative and General Manager for ComFree Commonsense Network broker. In her recent column in the Winnipeg Free Press, Kim offers these 5 tips for how to make your snowy sale a success:

  1. Keep the winter weather at bay 

    That’s right: break out the shovel and deicer. Sure, it’s a lot of work, but you want your potential buyers to be safe when they visit (and injuries don’t exactly put buyers in a great state of mind). Not only that, but a shoveled driveway and walk will show pride of ownership, which helps to increase your curb appeal.

  2. Let the light in

    Don’t let your home suffer from seasonal depression -fill it with light! A bright house signifies cheerfulness and hope, which is exactly what you want when buyers come through. So fling open the curtains, polish those window panes (on the inside at the very least), and invest in some bright-white LED light bulbs if you need to illuminate a darker spot. Note that bright-white is closer to natural daylight, whereas soft-white or warm-white light bulbs emit a dimmer, yellow light.

  3. Make your home cozy

    When icy air makes our noses run and fingertips go numb, a warm home becomes all the more welcoming. If you’re holding an open house or have a scheduled showing, now’s not the time to scrimp on heating costs: ensure that you’ve set your thermostat to a temperature that’s warm enough to be comfortable in a dress shirt or blouse.

  4. Make it smell great

    It’s no lie that smells can affect a buyer’s reaction to a home, but when the winter chill prevents you from opening the windows, you’ll have to be a bit more diligent about odors. First order of business: make sure it’s deep-down clean, replace your furnace filter, and try to avoid frying foods before buyers visit. If you want to add a pleasant aroma, try boiling cinnamon sticks as opposed to burning candles since your buyers may have sensitivities to perfumes.

  5. Don’t be humble about your weather-proofing

    New insulation? Talk about it! Triple-paned windows? Point them out! These kinds of energy-savers are often invisible to the untrained eye, but there’s no need to wait for a home inspection for your potential buyers to learn about them. If you’ve done anything to improve your home’s winter resistance, now is the time that buyers will be most appreciative.

Above all, remember that your success depends in large part on people seeing your house, so don’t let the lingering winter weather drive off your open house plans. If your online listing has made a good impression, buyers will jump at the chance to see it in person – even if they have to jump over a little bit of snow.

Read the full Winnipeg Free Press article here.


  1. Mdcash Homebuyers says:

    Brilliant tips to sell a home in winter quickly. I am planning to sell my old home this winter so this information is very useful for me. Thanks!!

  2. Rent Appeal says:

    The thing that stands out to me the most is the fact that one day everywhere in America will experience snow. This article can be immediately used for every single owner that is looking to sell.

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