Six Hidden Places Buyers Will Look

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Six Hidden Places Buyers Will Look

If you’re gearing up to sell your home in the coming months, you may have already begun the process of deep cleaning and decluttering. It’s certainly easy to make your home look pristine by cramming the nooks and crannies with everyday odds and ends, but remember: prospective buyers are seldom satisfied with the surface appearance. Here are 6 spots around your home you can’t afford to overlook, because your buyers certainly won’t!

1 – The Kitchen Cupboards

Before you begin showing your home, take the time to neatly organize your cupboards since buyers are bound to sneak a peek inside. If your cabinets are bursting at the seams, you’ll give the impression that there’s not enough cupboard space, so take the opportunity to pack up dishes, kitchenware, and non-perishable foods that you seldom use. While you’re at it, give the insides a good wipe and consider covering up scratches with shelf liners.

2 – Under the Sinks

If buyers are genuinely interested in your home, they’re going to be on the hunt for any indications of plumbing problems. That means that any under-the-sink cabinetry should be tidy and clean. Of course, if you do have leaks, it’s important to get them fixed and repair any water damage to show that it’s been taken care of.

3 – The Bedroom Closet

For house hunters, there’s no shame in squinting inside a bedroom closet to survey the space. Boost closet appeal by packing up at least a quarter of the clothes you have hanging inside and making some space on the shelves. Even if it’s a smaller closet, you’ll suggest that the closet space is more than sufficient.

4 – Cold Cellars and Cubby Holes

Every house has one: a little room or space built out of sight, where only the most unused household possessions (or maybe preserves) can be found. Not even these rooms are beyond the scope of the buyer’s surveillance, so be certain to sweep away the cobwebs, and show off the storage potential rather than scaring buyers away!

5 – Inside the Shower

Drawn shower curtains aren’t enough to ward off curious buyers, and rightly so – they want to know what they might be faced with every morning. If there’s anything you’re hoping buyers won’t notice, like caulking that’s missing or discoloured, you can bet on them seeing it. So, repair what you can, keep shampoo and soap tidy with a shower caddy, and no matter what, wipe everything dry before buyers come through.

6 – The Garage

As tempting as it is to make the garage your catch-all for what you’ve cleared out of the cupboards, closets and cubby holes, bear in mind that it, too, should be made to look spacious. In fact, one of the greatest selling features of a garage is its ability to comfortably fit a car inside. Keep the centre space clear, use hooks and shelves to keep your tools tidy, and don’t forget to sweep up any leaves and outdoor debris.

If your house is on the market, there’s virtually no space that’s off limits to buyers’ prying eyes. However, you can take their curiosity as a compliment: how thoroughly they look around is often relative to how interested they are in buying your property. When you remember that closed doors will be opened and prepare accordingly, you’ll demonstrate to buyers that they can feel confident in your home.

Originally published in the Canstar Community Newspapers on March 3, 2017. Republished with permission. Content written by ComFree Commonsense Network.

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  1. Josee Michelle Leger says:

    Two other places are the window sills and window tracks. It’s always well received when this area is clean and maintained. Buyers will also remove vent covers to check for type and thickness of flooring so make sure your vents are clean 🙂

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