Practical Tips for Staging Your Home

tips to stage your home

Practical Tips for Staging Your Home

In the era of Pinterest, home decor TV shows, and big-box interior design stores, home staging has become either a passion or a point of anxiety for many sellers. While staging can certainly increase the ‘wow factor’ and asking price of a property, some homeowners find themselves abandoning the effort altogether because they believe they have neither the time nor the resources to properly stage. Luckily, staging doesn’t have to be an extreme or expensive endeavour; it’s really about showing your home to its best advantage by making a few ‘edits’ that carry a big punch.

Make the space look bigger

It goes without saying that most buyers prefer homes with lots of space, so try to maximize the space you’ve got by minimizing everything else. A common problem area is the living room, where oversized furniture can swallow up wall- and floor-space. While you’re selling, consider moving larger items — such as sectionals, ottomans, or recliners — into storage or to a friend’s house. Do the same with the table leaf, hutch and dressers if the dining room and bedrooms don’t permit people to walk around with ease. The goal is to showcase the space where potential buyers can put their things, not to demonstrate how easily that space can be filled.

Depersonalize your spaces

Your home inevitably becomes a reflection of you — your tastes, habits, and life story. As natural as this personalization is, it can be difficult for buyers to look past it when they’re trying to imagine living in your home. It’s critical, therefore, to depersonalize as much as possible. Pack up family photos, anything stuck to the fridge, as well as any collections or crafts you might have in view. If you think it’s starting to look a little too bare, that’s probably a good thing.

Wake up tired decor

Until this point, your staging shouldn’t have cost much more than a little elbow grease, but a few thrifty purchases to refresh your home’s style could enhance your efforts. If your living room furniture is woefully dated, a beautiful new throw and can lend it some new life. Ornate valences around the windows? Simple, sheer panels (to let in more light) can be purchased at many discount stores. Kitchen cabinets need a facelift? Try swapping out your pulls for something more modern. Even the bedrooms can benefit from a small investment: worn or faded blankets can be replaced with fresh, inexpensive comforters. Take a discerning look around; anything old or shabby should be packed up or replaced to ensure that your home conveys energy and potential.

The main goal of staging is to make your home look as appealing as it can to a broad range of people. It may take a little creativity and effort to accomplish, but it certainly doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. In the end, you’re likely to enjoy the changes — you may even take some fresh ideas with you to your new home.


Originally published in the Canstar Community Newspapers on September 5th, 2017. Republished with permission. Content written by ComFree Commonsense Network.

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