Spring is Here! Are You Ready to Sell?

Freshening up your gardens in the spring can increase curb appeal and lead to a quicker sale!

With warm weather ushering in the spring season, many homeowners are gearing up to plant “For Sale” signs in the ground. Since the housing market typically warms up when the weather gets a little nicer, now is the perfect time to ensure that you’re ready. This checklist covers four of the main aspects of your sale to help you sell with confidence.

Prepare your home.

This is probably the first and final thing you should be working on when you’re getting ready to sell since it can encompass everything from renovations to staging. Before spring breezes start to blow, look around and decide whether you’ll sell ‘as-is’ or do some updates and repairs to boost your selling price. By the time that work is complete, you’ll be able to focus on other important details like packing away clutter and depersonalizing your décor. First impressions are everything with buyers, so be sure that your home looks its best.

Prepare the yard.

One mustn’t forget the great outdoors! With the first thaw, our yards look extra drab, so it’s important to boost curb appeal as early as possible. Take a trip around the property to collect any debris that might have accumulated, and remove dead growth in the flower beds. You may even consider adding some new wood chips or soil as early as the weather permits and edging as soon as the ground thaws to give your yard an extra-polished look.

Decide how you plan to sell.

Not all homeowners are the same, so it’s important to think about the method for selling that best suits you. If you go with a seller’s agent, you’ll have the benefit of working with a professional who will take care of pricing, marketing your home, handling showings, and closing the deal. However, that great service will often cost you a percentage of your selling price. If you like the idea of being more involved in the process, you could simply go it alone, or opt for a flat-fee real estate service: some offer professional marketing, pricing, and negotiating services, but you’ll have to handle things like fielding calls from buyers and hosting open houses yourself. For a bit more work, you could save a considerable amount of money. In the end, it’s really a matter of what you’re comfortable with.

Set your price.

Homes tend to generate the most interest in the first weeks they’re listed, so your odds of finding a buyer are best during that time. But, if you’re priced too high, buyers will quickly lose interest, and price reductions down the line can give off a bad impression. It’s crucial, therefore, that you understand your home’s market value (which has very little to do with your investment into the home). The market determines how much buyers are willing to pay for homes like yours, making tools like pricing strategy reports and the advice of experienced agents invaluable to your success. Above all, try to leave your feelings out of the equation.

Whether it’s your first time selling or you’ve been through it all before, being prepared is key. Though you may feel like you’ll never be quite ready and the to-do list could go on forever, the smaller tasks fall into place when you tackle the biggest ones first. Checking these items off your list will help set your Spring sale on the right track.

Originally published in the Canstar Community Newspapers. Republished with permission. Content written by ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage.



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