Enhancing Your Home’s Outdoor Appeal

When we start thinking about selling a house, we tend to concentrate on all the preparations we’ll have to make inside. However, your home’s exterior serves a critical role in your sale: as the first thing potential buyers see when they drive past or visit your home, curb appeal helps determine whether they want to come inside or pass you by. Naturally, an exterior that’s well cared for suggests that your home will be equally well cared for inside, so be sure to consider these commonsense tips for cultivating curb appeal.

Consider a fresh coat of paint

It’s easy to miss the effects of time and weather on your wooden porch or fence, but these and other painted outdoor surface can become weather-worn fairly quickly in tough Canadian climates. A lick of new paint, however, does wonders in making a yard look fresh and full of potential. Want to add a pop of energy? Think about painting your front door a bright, cheerful colour to welcome your potential buyers in.

Give thought to paved areas

You might think there’s little you can do to improve your driveway, walkway, and sidewalks without spending a small fortune, but they can benefit from a little ‘editing’ as much as anything else. Edging to remove overgrown grass can make a big impact by creating clean, defined lines, and removing weeds from cracks will prevent your yard from looking slovenly. Power washing or resealing the driveway can add a bit of sparkle, and leveling out uneven paving stones can prevent house-hunters from feeling like your yard is a force to contend with.

Rein in the vegetation

It’s easy to tidy up flowerbeds: simply cut back any dead foliage, rake out any straggling leaves, and maybe put in some mulch or coloured woodchips to give beds a crisp, fresh look. If you have any decorative trees or shrubs, keep them looking under control by breaking out the shears, and be sure to dispose of yard waste as soon as you can to prevent buyers from seeing it. Something you’ll also want to prevent buyers from seeing is yellow spots in your grass left by pets: adding soil and grass seed may not produce a perfect lawn in time for your showings, but it will indicate to buyers that the problem is being mended.

Add the final touches

Rather than impressing buyers with your green thumb in the flowerbeds you’re about to leave behind, opt for a few charming planters with colourful blossoms – not only will they enhance your home’s charm, but you can bring them with you when you move. While you’re at it, think about some light staging for your outdoor areas: arrange patio furniture to create a space for conversation, adding a few outdoor throw pillows and perhaps an outdoor table setting. If everything is swept free of grass clippings, dust and cobwebs, these and other small touches will go a long way.

Our outdoor spaces can be a challenge to keep show-ready, especially when the weather is uncooperative. Nevertheless, the work you’ve done to bring your exterior up to snuff is likely to pay off. A well-kept yard instantly sends the message that this is a home worth being proud of, which can create a positive mindset in buyers before they walk through the door.

Originally published in the Canstar Community Newspapers. Republished with permission. Content written by ComFree Commonsense Network. canstarnews.com


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