5 Quick and Affordable Home Makeover Tips

Don’t have time or money for a complete home makeover? No worries — there are many things you can do to dress up the house and give it a fresh, new vibe without spending too much time or cash. All these ideas are inexpensive and can be done in no time

1. Spruce Up the Kitchen

It’s amazing how much new hardware on the kitchen cabinets can update and make over the kitchen.

Knobs, hinges, and handles run from less than $1 to just a few dollars apiece at the local hardware or home improvement store; they can completely change the entire look of the kitchen.

To brighten up dull cabinet surfaces and really set off those new knobs and handles, wipe the cabinets with some quality furniture polish while you have the hardware off.

2. Top Off the Living Room

It doesn’t take a room filled with new furniture to give your living room a much-needed lift. Simply replace the lamps and decorative pillows with new ones. This allows you to recreate the entire tone of the room with very little expense involved.

Look for a great selection of lamps and decorative pillows to compliment your existing furnishings.

3. Bedroom Makeover

Most people choose bedroom drapery to match the comforter or bedspread, but over time, this can cause you to get tired of the look quicker, because the pattern and colors are everywhere!

Swap the drapes in the bedroom to sheer drapes. Optimally, the drapes will compliment, but not perfectly match, the bedspread and other furnishings.

4. Freshen Up the Bathroom

Sometimes, all your bathroom needs is a brightening lift. Place a floral arrangement or a few smaller bouquets around the room to add color and visual interest without having to redecorate the entire bathroom.

Since silk flowers offer all the beauty without the wonderful aroma, consider adding some potpourri to the flower-pot for that luscious scent. You can keep a bottle of essential oils in the same scent as your flower arrangements.

5. Kick Start the Kids’ Room

Kids love change; it’s exciting! All it takes to thrill the kids and add some zest to their room is a furniture rearrangement.

Find ways to arrange the furniture so that they have special nooks to play, a reading or gaming area, or a place for their special collections. Use their favorite items to create a focal point in the room by displaying them on shelves or in corner nets.

With these quick, cheap, easy steps, your home will look and feel like new without having to hire a decorator or a general contractor. Try these ideas a couple of times per year to keep your home fresh and inviting without the hassle and expense of redecorating.



  1. eliza parker says:

    That depends on what you’re wanting to makeover your budget,etc. But,in general 4 really easy ways to makeover any room in my opinion 1) Paint Changing the wall color (2)Create a theme. In any room you want to make sure there is a clear theme and color scheme to create flow throughout the room (3)Accents Things like rugs, throw pillows and throw blankets help define the style of a room.

  2. Dan Goldman says:

    Thank you for sharing this:))))

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