ComFree is now Purplebricks

Purplebricks acquires ComFree

As of January 8, 2019, ComFree becomes Purplebricks in Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba

We have exciting news to share: ComFree is now Purplebricks!

On January 8 of this year, ComFree took a bold step toward its future as a Canadian real estate giant: it shed its signature shade of upstart green and donned the cool, confident purple of the international real estate powerhouse, Purplebricks.

Known for its frank speech and simple approach, Purplebricks embodies everything that we at ComFree strive for and believe in. As one company, our mission is to be the world’s most innovative, caring and modern real estate agency that has our people and our customers at the heart of everything we do. Yes, we share a fixed-fee real estate model that helps sellers save thousands of dollars in commission. And yes, we share a buyer’s cash-back offer that helps offset the cost of purchasing a home. But, more than that, Purplebricks and ComFree share the conviction that our success lies in our clients’ success, pushing us to work harder, reach higher, and offer more. Because genuine customer satisfaction is the driving force behind everything we do, we share a better way of doing real estate.

With a new name in Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba*, all the services our clients have come to trust are still being offered, with expansions to make the buying and selling processes even better. Clients will enjoy working with the same team of energetic REALTORS® and Customer Support specialists who provide the personalized service you’d expect from a real estate brokerage. They’ll benefit from working with a team who are determined to stay at the forefront of the industry through innovative technologies that make buying and selling convenient, transparent, and effective. Combining a human touch with the agility of the digital world, we’re leading the Canadian real estate industry into a bright, modern era.

ComFree’s evolution

ComFree’s acquisition by Purplebricks signals a new era in our company’s growth, a new phase in our continual evolution. Over the years, the ComFree Network eagerly adapted to a changing technological landscape, helping more than 260,000 homeowners across the country confidently sell their properties and save thousands of dollars in commission. But for us, that was 260,000 opportunities to listen to what our clients were telling us and learn from their experiences. Over the years, we’ve adapted to our customers needs and excelled in each of the challenges our clients compelled us to undertake. But we knew there was still more we could do.

Enter Purplebricks.

Since Purplebricks launched in the UK in 2014, it has grown exponentially, selling more houses than any other real estate brokerage in the UK. It has also grown rapidly in Australia and the U.S, where it launched in 2016. Such massive expansion on three continents proved that ComFree’s success wasn’t merely a blip on a remote Canadian radar – homeowners around the world are ready for change.

With the international success of Purplebricks behind us, we’re even better equipped to bring consumers the best real estate experiences and customer care for prices that make sense. In fact, our sellers are already benefiting from the increased power Purplebricks has brought to our operations: we’re now offering a Showing Service for sellers whose busy lives don’t leave time for taking calls and scheduling showings with potential buyers.

By joining the Purplebricks family, we’ve simply taken a good thing and made it even better. And yes, we’ve brought all ComFree’s exceptional people with us.

We’re proud to be a Canadian company, serving Canadian customers as Purplebricks.

Our team has embarked on this incredible journey for one reason: to bring our innovative approach to real estate to more customers across Canada. Though we say goodbye to the name that brought our brokerages success in three provinces, we’re confident that the first cohorts of Purplebricks buyers and sellers will be proud to have been part of something this big.

To learn more about our Purplebricks debut, or for any questions you may have, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Your Purplebricks (formerly ComFree) Team

Contact our Customer Support team:

*All of the non-brokerage services offered in Saskatchewan will still be offered by ComFree.
REALTOR®. Member of the Canadian Real Estate Association and more. 


  1. Hi Colin,

    We don’t have any immediate plans of expanding into SK, but possibly within the next couple of years!

    Thanks for your question.

  2. Hi Kelly,

    No, ComFree did not always use REALTORS® – it used to be a strictly for-sale-by-owner company. In the last few years, however, ComFree became a brokerage in Ontario, Manitoba, and Alberta so that it could offer more to homeowners.

    Thanks for your question!

  3. Kelly says:

    Hi! Did ComFree always use Realtors? I thought it didn’t?

  4. Colin says:

    Just wondering when you are planning on expanding to the rest of Canada, specifically Saskatchewan?

  5. Hi Yuliana,

    Sorry for the inconvenience this caused you. We recommend asking your IT department to edit their internet restriction settings.

    The Purplebricks team

  6. Yuliana says:

    This is very unfortunate as my work browser keeps blocking Purplebricks… Comfree was so much more convenient.

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