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Rosy Saadeh is a Social Media Manager and Marketer and spends her time scouring the net trying to make new friends, help clients and post interesting stories about real estate and the like in Canada. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest.
Calgary homes for sale without traditional real estate agents

CBC Report: Calgary Homes For Sale Without Traditional Real Estate Agents

More and more Calgary homes for sale are being listed without the use of traditional real estate agents. Why? Because money. Continue reading

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What 6-year-olds taught me about selling my home

What 6-Year-Olds Taught Me About Selling My Home

Golden advice about selling my home provided by well-seasoned 6-year-olds. Take notes, these tips are unbeatable. Continue reading

Home for sale in Manitoba

Million Dollar Homes in Canada – 2014 Edition

Beautiful million dollar homes in Canada for sale on the ComFree network. All these homes are absolute must-sees! Continue reading


Sell Your Home Quickly Like The McDonald Family

Learn how you can sell your home quickly in Ontario with ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage. Continue reading

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How can I sell my home fast?

How Can I Sell My Home Fast?

The big question that most sellers have is “How can I sell my home fast?” We give you all the tips you need to make that sale happen lightning fast. Continue reading

Home decor trends for 2015

Home decor trends for 2015

This just in: home decor trends for 2015 are looking amazing and you can thank interior designers for setting the bar! Plum, navy, wood, and steel abound! Continue reading

5 easy summer renovations

5 Easy Summer Renovations

Ah summer! It is the best season by far, if you ask me, and these easy summer renovations make remodeling your home a little less painful. Continue reading

Ontario home sellers sells the ComFree® way in two weeks!

Ontario home seller talks about selling the ComFree® way

With confidence and support from the ComFree Commonsense Network team, Aurora, Ontario home seller Kevin Allen had no issue selling his home the ComFree® way and saving thousands in commission. Continue reading

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Common misconceptions about Ontario home inspectors

12 Common Misconceptions about Ontario Home Inspectors

A lot has been said about Ontario Home Inspectors in recent years, and not everything has been representative of the profession. Continue reading

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Why holding an open house it worth it

Are Open Houses Worth It?

Oftentimes, home sellers wonder if holding open houses are worth it. We have the answer and we want to tell you all about it. Continue reading

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