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Rosy Saadeh is a Social Media Manager and Marketer and spends her time scouring the net trying to make new friends, help clients and post interesting stories about real estate and the like in Canada. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest.
How to Prevent Mold Problems in Your Basement

How to Prevent Mold In Your Basement

Mold is present in every home to some level, but that doesn’t mean you have to welcome it in and allow it to thrive. A small amount of mold in the bathroom is normal and easily treated, but mold in other areas, like basement, is a cause for concern. There are steps you can take to protect your basement from the invasion of mold and ensure that your home is clean. Whether you have previously had mold or you are worried about the possibility of mold, follow these steps to keep your home mold-free. Continue reading

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How Much Is Your Home Worth

How Do You Know How Much Your Home is Worth?

Many homeowners think they know what their home is worth. But do they really know? Where do they get their information and what is it based on? Here we take a look. Continue reading

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5 ways to make house hunting less stressful

5 Ways to Make House Hunting Less Stressful

House hunting does not have to be a stressful drag. It can even be fun! Though it does take some motivation to go out and visit yet another open house, being prepared with just a little organization goes a long way to making the process easier. Here are our 5 tips for making house hunting as stress-free as possible. Continue reading

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10 lessons learned when buying a home

10 Lessons I Learned When Buying A Home

Being one of the biggest purchases people will make in their lifetime, it helps to know lessons that others have learned from their home buying experiences. Here are ten of them. Continue reading

Ways to save money on your heating and cooling bills

8 Ways to Save Money on Your Heating and Cooling Bills

Did you know that you could be letting money slip through your fingers if your air conditioner and heater are inefficient? Here’s how to take your money back. Continue reading

ComFree Soccer Sponsorship

ComFree Wraps Up Summer Soccer Season

The ComFree summer soccer sponsorship season is wrapping up, and we’re looking back on the great fun and success of our teams! Continue reading

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How to get the best exposure for my home sale

How to Get the Best Exposure for My Home Sale

When selling your home online exposure is, of course, important. However, just because online marketing has gotten much more important in real estate, one mustn’t forget the importance of good old offline visibility. Here are our tips for getting the best offline and online exposure for your home sale. Continue reading

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Back to School: Learn to Sell the ComFree Way!

It’s that time of year: our kids are going back to school and we’re headed back to work after a great summer vacation. It’s a time of learning, and one of the busiest times of year in the real estate market. So why not come to a free info session and learn how to sell your home the ComFree way and save thousands in commission? Continue reading

Dealing with Buyers' Agents

Will Buyers’ Agents See My Home Advertised on

Every week, the ComFree network’s coaches give info sessions in cities all over Canada. In these info sessions, we help people understand how selling a house the ComFree way works. Here, we clear up some misunderstandings and give some pointers on making sure buyers are finding your listing. Continue reading

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4 Lowball Offer Mistakes Home Buyers Should Avoid

4 Lowball Offer Mistakes Home Buyers Should Avoid

One of the hardest parts of purchasing a home is often getting the seller to accept your deal. Whether you’re in a hot market or you’re bidding on a home that’s been sitting for months, here are 4 mistakes to avoid when it comes to throwing a low ball offer to the seller. Continue reading