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Randall Weese is Broker of Record of ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage in Ontario. He has more than ten years’ experience as a consumer advocate and educator in real estate. Follow him on Twitter, GooglePlus, Facebook and Pinterest.
First-time home buyers can buy a home by dipping into their savings

First-time home buyers can cash out to cash in

Rising housing prices and shorter amortization periods make buying a first home more difficult for young people today. But that isn’t stopping them. Continue reading


Real Estate Watch: Toronto Condos go from Quantity to Quality

Torontonians love talking about the condo market. There have been some big shifts in the market recently, and Randall Weese, broker of record in Ontario, has noticed a change from quantity to quality in new condo developments. Continue reading

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Real Estate Watch: Toronto’s 407 Highway Expansion

If you’re looking for the right place to make a long-term real estate investment in the Greater Toronto Area, you may want to set your sights east. Soon, the extended 407 will be opening up eastern GTA areas like never before. Continue reading

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4 Things Home Buyers Need to Remember

Here are 4 often-forgotten elements that home buyers need to keep in mind when getting ready to purchase a new home. Continue reading

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