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Owning Your First Home

Owning Your First Home: What You Need to Know

After months of looking for the perfect place, you finally found a place to call home and bought your first house. As you anxiously await the closing date, take this as an opportunity to familiarize yourself with some essentials things you need to know to keep your household running smoothly. From how to handle mold to the basics about homeowners insurance and burglary, there are some things you need to know when moving into your first home. Continue reading

Home Insurance Policies Second Homes

3 Home Insurance Policies for Second Home Owners

If you are looking to invest in a second home, informing yourself about home insurance policies for multiple home owners is essential. Here we examine the three most popular home insurance policies for second home owners. Continue reading

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Advice for Newlyweds

Advice for Newlyweds: 6 Home Buying Tips

Congratulations! You’ve just tied the knot and you’re ready to settle down into your first family home. Buying a first home as a newlywed couple is an exciting and sometimes terrifying process. Here is our advice for newlyweds with 6 tips for home buying. Continue reading

Questions about Home Inspections

5 Questions About Home Inspections

Whether you plan on selling or buying a home, a home inspection can give you peace of mind. Read our home inspection FAQ here. Continue reading

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Tips to help Self-Employed Borrowers Find a Mortgage

Tips to Help Self-Employed Borrowers Find a Mortgage

Being self-employed sometimes means it is harder to secure a mortgage loan, as lenders view self-employed people as a higher risk of defaulting. However, that isn’t always the case! Here are some useful tips to help self-employed borrowers find a mortgage. Continue reading

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Mortgage Terms Canadian Buyers Need to Know

8 Mortgage Terms Canadian Buyers Need to Know

When applying for a mortgage for the first time, Canadian home buyers can encounter a host of confusing terms. Here are the top 8 mortgage terms that Canadian buyers need to know when applying for their first loan. Continue reading

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How to Get a Refund on Mortgage Application Fees

How to Get a Refund on Mortgage Application Fees

Sometimes things don’t go right with your mortgage application. When that happens you need to make sure you can get a refund on your mortgage application fees. Here are a few steps you can try to get a refund. Continue reading

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Why multi-generation living is good idea

Why Multi-Generation Living Is A Good Idea

Living in big multi-generation families might not seem very appealing to many, but there are a lot of advantages in this kind of a family system. Here are a few of them. Continue reading

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Dealing with Buyers' Agents

Canadian Mortgages: What Every Newcomer Should Know

If you’re a newcomer to Canada and you’re planning on buying a home, there are a few things you should know about Canadian mortgages. Here we provide some helpful information that all newcomers should know in order to help them better inform themselves and negotiate favorable mortgage rates. Continue reading

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Renting as your source of income

Renting as Your Source of Income

Have extra money left over? Some of us do, but unfortunately we sometimes just don’t know where to invest. But have you ever considered renting as your source of income? You might want to. Continue reading

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