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Tips to make your laundry room livelier

5 Tips to Make Your Laundry Room Livelier

If you consider laundry to be a dreaded chore, the problem may not lie in the task itself, but rather in your surroundings. Find out how to liven up your laundry room. Continue reading

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Landscaping Trends to Watch in 2013

6 Landscaping Trends for 2013

Updating your yard can be an economical and rewarding part of giving your entire home a “lift”. Trouble is, there are so many new landscaping techniques to choose from! Here’s a run-down of the six hottest landscaping trends to watch for in 2013. Continue reading

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Trendy and timeless kitchen designs

6 Trendy but Timeless Kitchen Designs

Updating a kitchen is a trend that is gaining appeal after years of waiting for economic improvement and for home prices to stabilize. Rather than buying a new home altogether, many homeowners are opting to rejuvenate their current homes. Introducing … Continue reading

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Kitchen decor trends for 2014

6 Kitchen Decor Trends for 2014

Kitchens are the heart of a home and when you can offer up the latest in kitchen decor by looking toward 2014, you can bet that your home will look great and that it’s resale value will be sky high. Continue reading

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Home decor trends for 2014

6 Home Decor Trends for 2014

The home decor trends for 2014 include a color that will shock you, design that will amazing you and a gender stance that will blow your mind! Continue reading

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How to build a lady lair

How Women Can Build A Lady Lair

Over the years, we’ve heard so much about the man cave, but today we are going to address a getaway room for women dubbed the Lady Lair. Enter and enjoy. Continue reading

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Decor ideas for your bachelor pad

4 Decor Ideas for your Bachelor Pad

A bachelor pad can easily be a beautiful place that is the envy of anyone you bring over to your home. Here are 4 ways to make it a beautiful. Continue reading

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Essentials for a man cave

5 Essentials For the Perfect Man Cave

Just because you are settled into married life, does not mean that you no longer get to enjoy a space that is just for you. Here are the essentials needed for the perfect man cave. Continue reading

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Green gadgets for your home - eco-button

Green Gadgets for Your Home

Gone are the days when going green meant you had to lose out on luxury. Green is cool and to prove it you can buy no end of green gadgets to make your home a more environmentally friendly place and save you money, too. Continue reading

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Ceiling trends for 2013

Ceiling Trends for 2013

Designers predict that ceiling trends for 2013 will see décor in bright, heavily saturated colors, inspired by the punched-up look of the hi-res graphics that have become ubiquitous in television and advertisements. Here’s how you can brighten up your ceiling this year. Continue reading

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