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Long-term home decor ideas that work

Long-term Home Decor Ideas You Will Love

Home decor is a reflection of the residents of the home. Options range from formal to informal, traditional to modern. Here, now, are some long-term decor ideas that rock. Continue reading

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What Your Color Preferences Say About You

Believe it or not, your color preferences speak volumes about your character and what you’re about. Using these colors in your home will tell the world what you’re all about. Continue reading

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Top Canadian interior designers - Andres Escobar

Top 3 Interior Design Firms in Canada

If you have some extra cash lying around and want a home that wows the world and has that “straight out of a magazine” feel, these top three interior design firms in Canada will work wonders for your home. Continue reading

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Tips for condo garndening

Tips For Condo Gardening

Your condo balcony need not be boring; it should be an extension of your personality instead and a source of relaxation. A condo garden gives character to the outdoor living space of the home. It also complements the resort living lifestyle your condominium should have. Continue reading

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Easy kitchen decor ideas for the home

6 Inexpensive and Easy Kitchen Decor Ideas

Even the smallest of changes can have a massive effect on the way your kitchen appears in terms of looks. The following are a few inexpensive and easy kitchen décor tips that will enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Continue reading

Canadian Christmas decoration ideas

6 Canadian Christmas Decoration Ideas

Canadians take pride in the fact that they are from the great white north, so it’s only fitting that they would take to the idea of combining their Canadian-ness with their Christmas decorations. Continue reading

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Master bedroom decor ideas - romantic decor

4 Décor Ideas for the Master Bedroom

If you’re thinking about giving your master bedroom a makeover, look no further; we have 4 great ideas for your decor. Continue reading

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Top furniture trends for 2013

Top Furniture Trends for 2013

With a new year upon us, many homeowners like the idea of reinventing their home, and so the top furniture trends for 2013 are a great fit as the close of 2012 nears. The top furniture trends for 2013 include … Continue reading

What should be in a green home?

5 Things Every Green Home Should Have

If you want to save money and live a better quality life, here are 5 things that every green home should have. Take note. Continue reading

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Things every home needs - picture frames

6 Things Every Home Should Have

While items in a home differ with taste, one thing is for sure; everyone can agree that the following are things every home should have. Continue reading

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