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Using colors and textures to match the season

Using Color and Texture to Match the Season

With every season comes a feeling, one that you might want to reflect in your home décor. Using color and texture to match the season is a great way to create continuance from the outside to the inside of your home. Continue reading

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How to clean your home effectively

How to Clean Your Home Effectively

Here are some tricks to make your home sparkle and shine, and save you money, all the while respecting the environment. Continue reading

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Picture perfect kids playroom

The Ultimate Kids’ Playroom

By designating the ultimate kids’ playroom in your home, you are encouraging playtime in that amazing space you have created just for them. Continue reading

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Chairs for kids' playroom

4 Chairs for Kids’ Playrooms

Imagine coming in from a hard day of playing pretend as a doctor or astronaut, all sweaty and tired, and all you want to do is slump down for a nap in a chair. Here are the chairs your kids want. Continue reading

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Online tool to color coordinate your home

8 Online Tools To Help Color Coordinate Your Home

Visualization for the final outcome of painting a room is difficult, so check out these online tools to help color coordinate your home. Continue reading

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Unique outdoor furniture for the home

4 Pieces of Unique Outdoor Furniture

Check out these four pieces of unique outdoor furniture that will definitely blow you away. Continue reading

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5 Ways to Cope with Emergency Costs in the Home

DIY Tips for the Gardening Enthusiast

There is a host of reliable, biodegradable and homemade solutions available for you to help in ridding your garden of weeds and pests, while aiding it to grow abundantly and filled with fresh produce. Continue reading

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Patio and deck maintenace

Patio and Deck Maintenance – 13 Tips

Just like any fixture found inside your home, patio and deck maintenance will help you to maximize the potential of your outdoor haven. Here are some tips on how to do just that. Continue reading

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Guest bedroom decor ideas

5 Tips for Improving Your Guest Bedroom

Here are some ideas for improving your guest bedroom to ensure your welcome – or not-so welcome – visitors have a pleasant stay and sleep. Continue reading

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Benefits of an area rug

5 Benefits of an Area Rug

Thinking of adding a splash of color to your home without breaking the bank? Have an annoying stain on your carpet that no amount of scrubbing will shift? An area rug is your answer and here’s why. Continue reading