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Most Expensive Home Ever Built – $12.2 Billion

The flooring of this $12 billion home is made from meteoric stone with shavings of original dinosaur bone. I could be wrong, but I think there’s a crime in there somewhere. Continue reading


20% of Canadians Want To Buy U.S. Homes

A recent survey discovered that 1 out of 5 Canadians is thinking about buying some US property, but is it worth it? Continue reading

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What Kind of Home Can $300,000 Get You In Canada?

The average Canadian home was priced at $372,700 in June 2011, but we decided to find homes in Canada that are priced at around $300,000 for your viewing pleasure. Continue reading

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Canadian Government Encourages Greener Households

Considering that 27% of carbon dioxide emissions come from residential use, the ecoEnergy Retrofit Homes program is definitely a step in the right direction. Continue reading


Should You Rent or Own a Home?

Since the average rent in Canada hovers around $900, it makes sense for renters to consider buying a home. Continue reading

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Canada’s Largest Home Selling for $25 Million

So what do you think? Is the largest home in Canada beautiful or does it look like the bad guy’s dwelling in any superhero cartoon? Continue reading


Canada Home Prices Increased in June 2011

Home prices in Canada continued to rise in June 2011, despite economists’ predictions of a cool down in real estate costs. Continue reading


Top 10 Real Estate Websites in Canada

Hitwise recently released its top 10 real estate websites in Canada list and the numbers left us doing a little happy dance in the office. Continue reading


Single Women Buy More Homes Than Single Men

A new survey suggests that, last year, single women made up 20% of all home buyers; single men only accounted for 12%. In the illustrious words of any Jerry Springer episode, you go girl! Continue reading