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Welcome to the Renos section. Here you will find articles about how to renovate a home, how to improve a room, the cost of renovations and much more.

Clues for Homebuyers

Signs of Trouble? 5 Clues for Homebuyers

Signs of Trouble? 5 Clues for Homebuyers Despite the fact that buying a house is often the biggest purchase any of us will make in our lifetime, the decision to put in an offer is usually made quickly and largely … Continue reading

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Preparing for spring renovations

Winter Planning for Spring Renovations

Winter Planning for Spring Renovations Be Ready to Sell this Spring Like many Canadian homeowners, you may be planning to complete a few renovations before putting your house on the spring market. While most of us prefer to hold off on renos until … Continue reading

Selling your house this fall

Fall Clean-Up for Your Home Sale

Fall Clean-Up for Your Home Sale If you’re planning on selling your house in the coming weeks, get ready to get your hands dirty! According to Kim Ewchuk, Licensed Sales Representative and General Manager at ComFree Commonsense Network in Manitoba, your curb … Continue reading


Selling? How to update your home on a budget

Updating your house to ‘up’ your profits? If you’re selling a house, you’re probably dreaming of how to get the biggest profit from your sale without having to invest a lot of time, work, and money. While popular home reno … Continue reading


Four Fall Repairs for Your Spring Sale

Selling Tips: Four Fall Repairs for Your Spring Sale If you’ve recently decided that you should sell your house, you might be one of many Canadians who chooses to wait until springtime to list your property. It’s true that the … Continue reading

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The key to selling your house

Storage: The key to selling your house Among the important criteria when buying a house is the amount of storage space available. The buyer will be charmed by various cabinets, large wardrobes and ingenious drawers. When visits are scheduled, put … Continue reading

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How to Declutter Your Home

How to Declutter Your Home: 10 Doable Projects

Organizing your home helps keep down stress levels and makes your space more livable and pleasant. And as we have emphasized over and over again, decluttering your home is absolutely essential when preparing to sell your home. Whether you’re planning … Continue reading

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How to Plan Your First Home Renovation Project

If you are planning to remodel your home, it is important to start the planning process early. While you be anxious to get started, it is best to have a detailed plan so you know how much you are going … Continue reading

5 easy summer renovations

5 Easy Summer Renovations

Ah summer! It is the best season by far, if you ask me, and these easy summer renovations make remodeling your home a little less painful. Continue reading

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Prepare your home for winter

4 Tips for Preparing Home Appliances & Installations for Winter

The weather has already turned pretty cold, but if we’re lucky it’ll warm up a bit again and you’ll be able to turn your attention to preparing your home for the coming cold season. To make sure your home is winter-ready and avoid any maintenance hassles, here are some ways you can prepare it for winter. Continue reading