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Prepare your home for winter

4 Tips for Preparing Home Appliances & Installations for Winter

The weather has already turned pretty cold, but if we’re lucky it’ll warm up a bit again and you’ll be able to turn your attention to preparing your home for the coming cold season. To make sure your home is winter-ready and avoid any maintenance hassles, here are some ways you can prepare it for winter. Continue reading

Renovated Garage

Renewing the Garage Into a Selling Point: 6 Tips

Update your garage into a fantastic selling point for your home in the New Year. Rather than being a space for junk, make your garage a useful and fun living space or workshop. Continue reading

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DIY Projects to Improve Home Value

DIY Projects that Increase the Value of your Home

Earlier this week we looked at factors that can lower your home’s value. Now we look at some DIY projects that can increase your home’s value. Continue reading

How to Prevent Mold Problems in Your Basement

How to Prevent Mold In Your Basement

Mold is present in every home to some level, but that doesn’t mean you have to welcome it in and allow it to thrive. A small amount of mold in the bathroom is normal and easily treated, but mold in other areas, like basement, is a cause for concern. There are steps you can take to protect your basement from the invasion of mold and ensure that your home is clean. Whether you have previously had mold or you are worried about the possibility of mold, follow these steps to keep your home mold-free. Continue reading

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4 Common Plumbing Problems

4 Most Common Plumbing Problems and How to Fix Them

There are a number of very common plumbing problems that you can easily resolve yourself with very few tools. Here are 4 of the most common plumbing issues people encounter, and some tips for fixing them. Continue reading

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5 Steps to Transform Your Garage

5 Steps for Transforming Your Garage

Ah, the garage! A place where things go to be forgotten, a dungeon for the toys, tools, and tasks that we might someday get to. If you want to create more space, increase curb appeal, or if you’re selling your house and need it in tip-top shape it’s time to clean it out. Don’t fret. Here are 5 simple steps for transforming your garage from dungeon to ideal man cave. Continue reading

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Toubleshooting Air Conditioning problems at home

5 Tips for Troubleshooting Air Conditioning Problems at Home

Air conditioning is almost ubiquitous in homes across Canada. To make sure your air conditioning unit is working properly on hot summer days logical and consistent maintenance is key. With some basic knowledge of the equipment, you can troubleshoot problems with your air conditioning unit at home without having to call a professional. Here are 5 practical tips: Continue reading

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10 ways to conserve water in the home

10 Ways to Conserve Water in the Home

Fresh, clear, drinkable water is something most of us take for granted because of how easy it is to turn a faucet and have it pour out. The truth is, though, there’s a few reasons why we should try to conserve more water in the home. Continue reading

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Roof Maintenance 101 Keeping Your Roof in Good Repair

Roof Maintenance 101: Keeping Your Roof in Good Repair

Keeping your roof in good repair is essential for protecting your home, and for ensuring its resale value. It’s a big job to undertake, and while we’re often tempted to put off fixing the roof, the consequences of leaving it undone can be disastrous. Here are some basic tips to keep your roof in good repair in the long run, in order to avoid having to do a huge renovation job. Continue reading

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Restoring Hardwood Floors

How to Restore Hardwood Floors to Increase Your Home’s Value

If you have hardwood floors that are showing their age, you can properly restore them by following some easy steps. Get your home ready for selling, and save a few pennies in the process!
Continue reading

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