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Home Renovations You Should Be Doing

5 Commonly Overlooked Home Renovations You Should Be Doing

What are some of the commonly overlooked renovations you should be doing? Here are five great ones that will add significant value to your home. Continue reading

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How to create a reading corner in your home

How to Create a Reading Corner in Your Home

Individuals that view reading as a favorite hobby might be interested in setting up a cozy corner in the house where they could cuddle up and flip through their favorite books. Here are few ideas to create a reading corner in your home. Continue reading

Make your entryway a key selling point

Make Your Entryway a Key Selling Point

Amid all the major rooms of the home that receive much attention when it comes to décor, believe it or not, the entryway is an essential part of your home, although it often goes overlooked. An impressively decorated hallway gives … Continue reading

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DIY kitchen cabinets

4 DIY Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

By investing your time and a relatively small amount of cash, you can let your creativity run wild and create some DIY kitchen cabinet ideas which will make your kitchen pop. Continue reading

Your guide to common types of flooring

Your Guide to Common Types of Flooring

There is an abundance of flooring choices available, and while that is certainly not a bad thing, it can make it that much more difficult to select the type that’s right for you, your home and, of course, your budget. Here are some options for you to think about. Continue reading

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Home innovations that make life easier

Homes Innovations That Make Life Easier

Nowadays, there are more and more home innovations available that can turn your home life into a luxurious and innovative experience. Here are a few of them. Continue reading

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Using natural stone tile in home decor

5 Tips for Choosing Natural Stone Tile

Here are some valuable tips can help you choose the perfect stone tiles for your home décor. Use these tips wisely and you can have a knock-out home! Continue reading

Home improvement for resale

Home Improvement for Resale: Dos and Don’ts

Before you begin any home improvements for resale value, make sure that what you are doing is an investment rather than a waste of money. Here’s how. Continue reading

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How windows can make or break a home

How Windows Can Make or Break a Home

The windows in your home essentially bring together the look of your home and give your home added value. Find out which windows work best. Continue reading

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Wireless technology improves home security

How Wireless Technology Improves Home Security

With technological innovations bombarding the market place, there are new solutions for home security that are worth investigating. Continue reading

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