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Looking at homes? Don’t bypass the basement!

With soaring summer temperatures, a cool basement can be a breath of fresh air – that’s why it deserves your attention when you’re hunting for a new home. In a recent CTV segment, Kim Ewchuk, Licensed Sales Representative and General … Continue reading

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ComFree Commonsense Network on CTV News Winnipeg!

  Look but don’t touch? Not so much when you’re buying a home! In a recent CTV news segment, our very own Kim Ewchuk, Licensed Sales Representative and General Manager, educated home buyers on what they should be looking for … Continue reading

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Holding house keys on house shaped keychain in front of a new home

ComFree Commonsense Network’s Home Buying Service in Metro News

In a recent Metro News article, Winnipeg home buyers learned that there’s another side to the services offered by ComFree Commonsense Network – a home-buying side! In the article, entitled “Buy a home and get thousands in cash back,” readers … Continue reading

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Excellent Credit Score

Tips to Rebuild Credit Prior to Buying a House

Don’t give up on your dreams of buying a house just because you have less-than-perfect credit. A low credit score — or even bankruptcy — doesn’t preclude anyone from getting a mortgage, thanks in no small part to Canada’s competitive … Continue reading

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5 things to do when moving into a new home

5 Things to do When Moving Into a New Home

You’ve done it all: done the home inspection, met the conditions, signed the papers and taken possession of your new home. Now comes the stressful part of moving. Here are 5 things to do when you move into your new place. Continue reading

Factors that Affect Home Insurance Premiums

9 Factors That Can Affect Home Insurance Premiums

This article will help you understand what goes into calculating your home insurance premiums. Knowing how insurance companies calculate your monthly costs can help guide your decision-making when it comes to buying a home. Continue reading

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5 ways to make house hunting less stressful

5 Ways to Make House Hunting Less Stressful

House hunting does not have to be a stressful drag. It can even be fun! Though it does take some motivation to go out and visit yet another open house, being prepared with just a little organization goes a long way to making the process easier. Here are our 5 tips for making house hunting as stress-free as possible. Continue reading

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10 lessons learned when buying a home

10 Lessons I Learned When Buying A Home

Being one of the biggest purchases people will make in their lifetime, it helps to know lessons that others have learned from their home buying experiences. Here are ten of them. Continue reading

4 Lowball Offer Mistakes Home Buyers Should Avoid

4 Lowball Offer Mistakes Home Buyers Should Avoid

One of the hardest parts of purchasing a home is often getting the seller to accept your deal. Whether you’re in a hot market or you’re bidding on a home that’s been sitting for months, here are 4 mistakes to avoid when it comes to throwing a low ball offer to the seller. Continue reading


Warning Signs of Foundation Problems

Here are some simple ways to identify the warning signs that the home you want to buy has foundation problems. Continue reading

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