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What Men and Women Look For When Buying A Home

When it comes to what men and women look for when buying a home, it seems that the kitchen has become a man’s new garage and women prefer to garden rather than cook. Continue reading

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How To Buy a Home Without Paying Commission

So you found the home of your dreams and it happens to be for sale by owner. Do you have what it takes to buy without paying commission? Yes you do! Continue reading


7 Mistakes To Avoid When Home Hunting

Sure it has great stainless steel appliances, but maybe you should consider the following before you dive right into your home hunting. Continue reading

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What Kind of Home Can $300,000 Get You In Canada?

The average Canadian home was priced at $372,700 in June 2011, but we decided to find homes in Canada that are priced at around $300,000 for your viewing pleasure. Continue reading

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Should You Rent or Own a Home?

Since the average rent in Canada hovers around $900, it makes sense for renters to consider buying a home. Continue reading

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What To Look For When Buying A Home

When buying a home, people are often more concerned about the appearance of the home than the major components. As a home buyer, you should be diligent when looking at a home and not easily persuaded by nice decor and … Continue reading