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Toronto condo situation creates panic

Toronto’s Condo Situation Creates Panic

Is Toronto finally on the way down from what was once considering a seriously booming condo craze? Looks like it. Continue reading

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9 Questions to Ask Before Buying A Condo

The decision to purchase a condo should not be one that is taken lightly and before you make a major commitment, there are important you need to ask yourself before buying a condo. Here are 9 of them. Continue reading


8 Advantages of Owning A Condo

When it comes to home ownership, a condo is an option that more and more Canadians are gravitating toward. Is owning a condo right for you? There are myriad advantages to owning a condo and perhaps some of them might … Continue reading


Toronto Condo Sales – A Hot Market In 2011

Toronto condos are being sold as quickly as they’re being built. Why is the Toronto condo market so hot? Find out. (With infographic goodness) Continue reading

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