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Selling? How to update your home on a budget

Updating your house to ‘up’ your profits? If you’re selling a house, you’re probably dreaming of how to get the biggest profit from your sale without having to invest a lot of time, work, and money. While popular home reno … Continue reading


Four Fall Repairs for Your Spring Sale

Selling Tips: Four Fall Repairs for Your Spring Sale If you’ve recently decided that you should sell your house, you might be one of many Canadians who chooses to wait until springtime to list your property. It’s true that the … Continue reading

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Easy home staging in any season

Planning an end of Summer sale?  Whether you hire a pro or go it alone, a little staging is always worthwhile when you’re selling your home. Why? Because your potential buyers’ first impression of your home is usually what determines … Continue reading


Looking at homes? Don’t bypass the basement!

With soaring summer temperatures, a cool basement can be a breath of fresh air – that’s why it deserves your attention when you’re hunting for a new home. In a recent CTV segment, Kim Ewchuk, Licensed Sales Representative and General … Continue reading


ComFree Commonsense Network on CTV News Winnipeg!

  Look but don’t touch? Not so much when you’re buying a home! In a recent CTV news segment, our very own Kim Ewchuk, Licensed Sales Representative and General Manager, educated home buyers on what they should be looking for … Continue reading

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ComFree Commonsense Network’s Home Buying Service in Metro News

In a recent Metro News article, Winnipeg home buyers learned that there’s another side to the services offered by ComFree Commonsense Network – a home-buying side! In the article, entitled “Buy a home and get thousands in cash back,” readers … Continue reading

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Scott Bollinger

What the LRT expansion means for Edmonton Homeowners

Our very own Scott Bollinger, Licensed Broker for ComFree Commonsense Network brokerage in Alberta addresses what the LRT expansion really means for Edmontonians in the first of his columns for the Edmonton Journal. According to the Edmonton Transportation Effect report … Continue reading

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Taking photos of your home for sale

6 Tips for Taking Great Photos of Your Home

Scott Bollinger, Licensed Broker at Commonsense Network brokerage, part of the ComFree family, gives us some tips on how to prepare to take some fantastic photos of your home for sale. Continue reading

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Easy steps to sell your home

9 Easy Steps to Sell Your Home

Selling your home is not a complicated process, given that you surround yourself with the right support system. And yes, we are the right support system. Continue reading

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Real estate lawyers are key when selling your home

Real Estate Lawyers Are Key When Selling Your Home

Whether you plan on buying or selling a property, a real estate lawyer is one of your most important allies throughout the process. Here’s why. Continue reading

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