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How to figure out the right price for a home

5 Benefits of Pricing Your Home Right

Ready to sell your home quickly? Read on to discover the many benefits of pricing your home right the first time. Continue reading

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Luxury items every home needs

3 Luxury Items Every Home Needs

A touch of luxury and class can set one home apart from another and can make a real difference in the way a room feels, so make sure you have these luxury items in your pad. Continue reading

Cost-effective home decorating ideas

5 Cost-effective Home Decorating Ideas

A few new home accessories can make a tired room look as though you’ve had a professional interior designer give it a makeover. So what cost-effective home decorating ideas make the difference? Find out. Continue reading

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Maximize your home's value

5 Ways to Maximize Your Home’s Value

There are a number of quick, easy ways to achieve the same goal, without the constraints of time and money. For homeowners recently entering the Canadian home market, consider the following tips. Continue reading

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Major curb appeal mistake to avoid

6 Major Curb Appeal Mistakes to Avoid

If you want your curb appeal to stand out and make a lasting impression on homebuyers, here are the major curb appeal mistakes to avoid. Take note. Continue reading

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Perfect kitchen island for your home

6 Traits of the Perfect Kitchen Island

Nowadays, the perfect kitchen island is the glitz and glam of the kitchen; a place where the family gathers to talk about their day, enjoy some snacks, work, and even cook together. So what are the traits of the perfect kitchen island? We surveyed our blog visitors and here’s what we came up with. Continue reading

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Canadians homebuyers avoid bidding wars

75% of Canadian Homebuyers Avoid Bidding Wars

Perhaps the stereotype that Canadians are way too nice rings truer than we think. According to a web-based survey by Leger Marketing for BMO Bank of Montreal, most Canadians shy away from budding wars. Are you one of them? Continue reading

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Germiest spots in your home - bathroom

8 Germiest Spots in Your Home

Some would argue that certain germs are good for us, but with the right cleaning strategies and good old fashioned regular routine, we can at least keep the worst of them at bay and mind our health. Continue reading

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Tips for remodeling a kitchen

10 Tips for Remodeling A Kitchen

If your kitchen is outdated, in disrepair or just in need of a new look – remodeling a kitchen can give you the home you’ve always dreamed of. Continue reading

Fears home sellers have are metling away

Top 5 Fears Home Sellers Have

To help quell some fears home sellers have about selling their home without commission, here are five major issues that home sellers think they might face and the realities that will help them realize that they DO have what it takes to sell their home and save thousands in commission. Continue reading

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