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4 Reasons To Have An Open House

Not sure about having an open house when selling your home? You might want to discover why an open house is a great idea. Continue reading

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Are you smart enough to sell your own home?

Are You Smart Enough to Sell Your Home?

Scott Bollinger, Licensed Broker at Commonsense Network brokerage, part of the ComFree family, tells us why homeowners don’t necessarily need to pay thousands of dollars in commission to list their homes for sale. Continue reading

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Home renovations that do not add value

5 Home Improvements That Do Not Increase Home Value

Typically, homeowners take up home improvement or remodeling projects with an intention to add more value to their home so that it will yield more resale value when the time to sell it comes. But these home improvements will not. Continue reading

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Is the Canada real estate market doing well?

Is the Canada Real Estate Market in Good Shape?

Is the Canada real estate bubble really about to burst, or are we doing splendidly when it comes to our home equity? The banks are saying one thing, but reality says something entirely different. Continue reading

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How to market a newly-built home - tips for builders

How to Market a Newly-Built Home for Sale

The truth is, there is a marketing formula when it comes to selling a newly-built home. And who better to look to than the experts – the home developers and builders. Continue reading

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Reasons why your home isn't selling

4 Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Selling

If your house has been on the market for over three months, with no buyer in sight, chances are there are questions you to need to ask yourself about your home sale. You need to figure out why it hasn’t sold yet and what you need to do about it. Continue reading

ComFree's $15K Giveaway Winner

The ComFree $15K Giveaway Winner Is…

The $15K Giveaway was designed to show home sellers what it would feel like to save the commission when selling their home, so find out which Canadian walked away with the $15,000 grand prize! Continue reading

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Selling your home commission free

Selling Your Home Commission Free

Selling your home commission-free is the new way to sell real estate – thousands of Canadians are now selling without commission through services such as ours and, in turn, they’re saving thousands of dollars. Continue reading

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Does A Conditional Offer On Your Home Mean It’s Sold?

A conditional offer is a condition of sale that is agreed upon by both the buyer and the seller. A time frame is set and if the condition isn’t met within the specified time, the agreement is void and the … Continue reading


Advantages of House Hunting Online

There was a time when potential buyers had to rely on realty magazines and realtors to find a home they wanted. Now, 86% of home buyers begin their search online. And with good reason. Continue reading

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