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Does A Conditional Offer On Your Home Mean It’s Sold?

A conditional offer is a condition of sale that is agreed upon by both the buyer and the seller. A time frame is set and if the condition isn’t met within the specified time, the agreement is void and the … Continue reading


Advantages of House Hunting Online

There was a time when potential buyers had to rely on realty magazines and realtors to find a home they wanted. Now, 86% of home buyers begin their search online. And with good reason. Continue reading

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6 Ways To Declutter Your Home

Whether you are trying to sell your home or just want to give Martha Stewart a run for her legitimately-made money, here are 6 ways to keep your home clutter-free. Continue reading


7 Mistakes To Avoid When Home Hunting

Sure it has great stainless steel appliances, but maybe you should consider the following before you dive right into your home hunting. Continue reading

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Top 10 Real Estate Websites in Canada

Hitwise recently released its top 10 real estate websites in Canada list and the numbers left us doing a little happy dance in the office. Continue reading